1. Dates / Location / Times - Region winners and runners-up will meet in the Sectional best-of-three series, May 15-18. All sectional games are to be played at the regional winner’s field, as long as the field can be considered an adequate facility. The host school should contact the visiting team as soon as possible concerning the site, dates, and times, of the sectional series. The host team shall be the home team the first and third game and the visiting team shall be the home team in the second game. If the established starting time of a sectional contest between two schools conflicts with the previously scheduled Commencement Exercises of one of the schools, and that school has Senior roster player(s), then at the request of the affected school, the contest will be rescheduled for a mutually agreed upon time and site that falls within the playoff timeline established by the TSSAA. In the event the two schools do not agree on a rescheduled time and site, the TSSAA office will designate a starting game time and site.

    Sectional pairings can be found on the TSSAA Championship Website.

    The sectional winners will advance to the central tournament site. The state office staff shall make the draw for play at the central tournament site. The draw will be made such that if two teams from the same region qualify for the state, they will be drawn to opposite brackets. The bracket shall be set by the Executive Director upon completion of the sectional games.
  2. Game Director - The principal of the host school shall be the Game Director. If additional facilities are secured other than those of the host team, the Game Director must be approved by the TSSAA state office. It shall be the duty of the Game Director to handle all financial arrangements for the series and to make financial reports to the participating teams. Additional responsibilities include:
    1. Arrange for a scorekeeper, ball boys, ticket sellers and takers.
    2. Make arrangements for concessions. Profits from the concessions will go to the host school or to those appointed by the host school to handle them.
    3. Purchase baseballs. The cost of these balls shall be part of the game expenses. The unused balls should be divided between the participating teams after the series is completed.
  3. Suspended Game / Run Rule - Suspended games are to be picked up from the point of suspension, at the next opportunity to play, unless 4 ½ innings have been completed with the home team leading. Tournament games do not have to go the full 7 innings. The 10 run rule is mandatory.
  4. Tickets and Passes:
    1. All tickets are general admission and are $8 each if purchased in advance on GoFan and $10 if purchased at the gate with cash. Everyone school-age and older must purchase a ticket. If you are able to set up your own event in GoFan, please go ahead and do so once the details of the games have been determined. If your school needs help with GoFan, please visit GoFan School Support.
    2. TSSAA ID Cards are allowed to be accepted as passes to admit one person only. The card holder MUST be in possession of the physical card. Photos of ID cards cannot be accepted for admission.
    3. The Tennessee Athletic Coaches Association (TACA) card will provide complimentary admittance. The TACA card admits ONLY ONE PERSON PER CARD.
    4. Players in uniform from each team, plus coaches and bat boys shall be admitted free of charge.
    5. Working press and media shall be admitted free of charge.
  5. Game Officials - Game officials will be provided by the local association that services the host school. The Game Director shall contact the Assigning Officer of the association and confirm the date, time, and site of the games. Fees for the umpires shall be $90 per game, plus 30¢ per mile round trip per umpire. There will be three-person crews assigned.
  6. Tournament Roster - At the state tournament, coaches will be able to dress as many players as they bring to the tournament. There will be, however, only 20 players eligible to participate for each game. Those 20 will be listed on your line-up card. They will be listed as your starters and then your substitutes. Also, those 20 eligible players will be the only players who can participate during your infield practice prior to the start of the game. It is recommended that this same policy be followed for the sectional series. As a reminder, coaches you should have your line-up written out and ready to give to the scorekeeper and umpire when going over ground rules.
  7. Financial Arrangements / Reporting - The Game Director shall make a financial report on the TSSAA Portal based on the financial arrangements listed below:
    1. After game expenses have been paid in the sectional series, the remaining receipts shall be divided with 1/3 going to each participating team and 1/3 to TSSAA.
    2. In sectional games the umpires and administrative cost shall be paid first. If receipts are not sufficient to pay the umpires and games expenses, the host team and TSSAA shall share these costs, and no team expenses shall be allowed.
    3. Team expenses for the sectional series are as follows: Teams within the county where a game is being played shall receive no expense allowance. Visiting teams shall have a mileage allowance of 40¢ per mile round trip. Teams within 150 miles of the game site will receive mileage and $4 per person for food for a maximum of 18 people. Teams over 150 miles from the game site and who spend the night will receive mileage, $6 per person for food for a maximum of 18 people and $5 per person for lodging for a maximum of 18 people for one night. Regardless of the number of days on which games are played, team travel and expenses are paid one time.
    4. Necessary local expenses will be paid from the gate receipts. Other expenses such as officials, stadium costs, etc., shall be determined by the local game director and TSSAA.
    5. All checks for district, regional, and sectional tournaments and playoffs must be distributed within 10 business days of the completion of the tournament or game. Failure to do so will result in a $100.00 late fee to be paid to TSSAA and is to be used in the A.F. Bridges sportsmanship program to go to schools or students receiving awards. Failure to distribute funds within 20 business days will result in an additional $200 late fee (total $300.00). Failure to distribute funds within 40 business days will result in an additional $200.00 late fee (total $500.00). The school may not host any tournament or playoff until the principal or athletic director appears before the Board of Control to explain their reasons for not distributing the checks within the required time frame. The Board would then determine whether the school can host tournaments or playoffs in the future.
  8. Video / Videostream / Radio - Video taping or filming is permitted as long as the taping or filming is for private use or use by the two schools involved and not for public or commercial use. Video taping or filming must be done from the individual’s seat. Individuals will not be allowed to use tripods. A school taping or filming its own game may use a tripod. A school will not be allowed to tape or film a game unless its team is involved in the game. All taping or filming by a school may be approved by the local Game Director, and the Game Director shall assign space, when available, from which to tape or film. Any media entity, or school wishing to videostream or tape delay broadcast any sectional games must submit their request to the TSSAA in writing for that event. The request must be submitted at least three days prior to the event in question. If such permission is granted, a fee of $300 will be paid to the game director and shall be included as part of the gate receipts.
  9. Submitting Results - Upon completion of each sectional game, please email your results to: tssaa@tssaa.org.
  10. State Tournament Program - If your team has not already submitted your team roster please do so immediately. Download detailed instructions for submitting your team's information.
  11. State Tournament Guidelines - Guidelines for teams participating in the state tournament can be found on the TSSAA Website. Brackets, Schedules, and Results can be found on TSSAASports.com.