MEET SITE - The TSSAA Division I and Division II Track & Field State Meets will be held at Dean Hayes Stadium on the Campus of MTSU in Murfreesboro. The DI A & AA Meet will be Tuesday, May 21, the DII A & AA Meet will be Wednesday, May 22, and the DI AAA Meet will be Thursday, May 23.

TEAM LODGING - Download the list of hotels offering special rates to participating schools. Schools are responsible for making their own hotel accommodations.

PARKING – There will be one complimentary parking pass for the day the team participates included in the team packets. Those without parking passes will be charged $5 per day for parking. Team buses can turn into the Greenland Drive parking lot to drop off, but then will be directed to park at the Livestock Lot further down Greenland Drive.

GENERAL ADMISSION - All tickets are general admission. Admission is $12 per day if purchased in advance online through GoFan, or $15 per day if purchased with cash at the gate. Children five years of age and older must purchase a ticket. TACA cards will be honored when presented with a matching photo ID. The TSSAA/TMSAA ID will NOT be accepted for admission. School administrators who are registered on the TSSAA Portal can sign in for free admission at the pass gate.

TEAM PACKETS - All track coaches must pick up their team packet at the TSSAA Track & Field Information Tent, which is located in the parking area to the north of the bleachers and entrance at Dean Hayes Stadium. When you enter the parking area from Greenland Drive, the tent will be immediately on the left. The TSSAA Track & Field Information Tent will be open:

Monday: 3 PM to 5 PM, Tuesday: 7 AM to 5 PM, Wednesday: 7 AM to 5 PM, Thursday: 7 AM to 5 PM.

Each packet will have credentials for registered track coaches, wrist bands for all participants, a parking pass, and relay cards (if applicable). The number of credentials each school will receive for its coaches will be based on the number of coaches that each school has registered online with TSSAA. You will need to check with your school’s Athletic Director to make sure that this has been done. You can see this information on your school's Portal account or the TSSAA website on your school's directory page. You will receive one pass for each coach that is registered online.

The purple wrist bands will be used by State Meet participants. You will receive one wrist band for each participant that has qualified for the State Meet. If you have a relay team that has qualified for the State Meet, you will receive one extra wrist band for an alternate. Coaches, please make sure that your competitors understand that the wrist band is the only way they can be admitted to the track and field competition and therefore the athletes must wear the wrist band during their entire stay in Murfreesboro. The wrist band MUST be worn around the wrist. Wrist bands will NOT be replaced unless the participant brings the torn wrist band to the Information Tent where packets were picked up. Please remember, participants will not be able to enter the warm-up area until the coach has picked up their packet and distributed wristbands to their athletes. Coaches should plan to arrive as a team or make arrangements for how athletes will receive their wristbands for entry.

WARM-UP AREAS – Tents for competitors should be set up on the MTSU football practice field nearest to Murphy Center. The adjacent practice field will be used as a warm-up area. This warm-up area is only accessible by coaches with credentials and athletes with wristbands.

The track will not be open at any time for practice. Warm-up areas will be open one hour before the first event. The Press Box and Observation Deck will be reserved for television media crews only in order to provide live video streaming of the Track & Field events. There will be a Coaches’ Box designated at each field event. Coaches must be in the Coaches’ Box or in the stands at all times. During running events, there will be a coaches’ area designated along the back stretch of the track. Coaches with valid passes are the only people allowed in this area.

QUALIFIERS - The list of qualifiers and the State Meet Schedule can be found on the TSSAA Championship Website.

CLERK OF COURSE - The Clerk of Course will be set up at the North end of the warm-up area (football practice fields). All participants must go from the tent area or warm-up area to the Clerk of Course. They will be escorted to the starting line, awards stand, and will exit the track at the gate near the finish line. Athletes may not go from the grandstand area to the track area. Please go over this information with all athletes. If an athlete is in the grandstand area, they must go to the warm-up area in order to report to the Clerk on second call.

RELAY CARDS – You will find relay cards in your packet if you have a relay team that has qualified for the State Meet. Names of the relay team members must be printed and signed by each competitor. The relay card must be turned in to the Clerk of Course on second call. There are places for the four members of the relay team. Any person who has been turned in on your eligibility report may participate on the relay team, provided they are not in violation of the four-event limitation rule. The relay counts as an event for each competitor once they report to the Clerk of Course.

SPIKES - Pyramid spikes will be the only spikes allowed. No spikes longer than ¼ “ will be permitted.