TOURNAMENT SITE - The TSSAA Tennis State Tournaments will be held at the Adams Tennis Complex, 925 Golf Ln, Murfreesboro, TN 37129 on May 21-24.

TEAM LODGING - Download the list of hotels offering special rates to participating schools. Schools are responsible for making their own hotel accommodations.

PARKING - There will be no parking charge at the Adams Tennis Complex and all parking is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Buses are asked to park away from the facility in the lots closer to Old Fort Parkway.

GENERAL ADMISSION - All tickets are general admission. Admission is $12 per day if purchased in advance online through GoFan, or $15 per day if purchased with cash at the gate. Children five years of age and older must purchase a ticket. TACA cards will be honored when presented with a matching photo ID. The TSSAA ID card and TMSAA ID will NOT be accepted for admission. School administrators who are registered on the TSSAA Portal can sign-in for free admission at the pass gate.


TOURNAMENT BRACKET - The state tournament brackets can be found on

COACHES' PASSES - Information for each team will be available at the tennis courts upon arrival. No physical credentials will be issued to participants. Each registered TSSAA coach will receive a Spring Fling Coach Credential to be used for the entire week. Only registered TSSAA tennis coaches with a credential will be allowed to coach on the sidelines or on the tennis court. Please refer to the Tennis Regulations for more information about coaching protocol. The head coach will be required to sign in their team or individual participants upon arrival each day. A participating school will be charged $12 per person per day for individuals entering with the team that are not a team member or registered TSSAA coach. This charge will appear on your school's TSSAA Portal the week after Spring Fling.

If a participant/team wishes to go to another Spring Fling venue after their match, they must get a handstamp before they leave the venue. Additionally, a parking pass for other venues can be provided to the head coach upon request, but is not needed for use at the Adams Tennis Complex.

All team packets with coaching credentials will be available at the Adams Tennis Complex main desk on Monday, May 20 from 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM. After Monday, you can pick-up your team packets from 7:00 AM - 8:00 PM during the week.

SCHOOL TENTS: Schools are welcome to bring coolers and food. No school tents will be allowed in the center grass to give officials clear vision to monitor all of the courts effectively. School tents may be set-up on the perimeter. For questions, please ask the tournament desk. Tents obstructing the view of officials will be required to move.

PRACTICE - The outdoor courts will only be available to warm up prior to the first match each day on a first-come basis, but no earlier than 8:00 AM when the gates officially open. If there are no weather delays, the indoor courts at the Adams Tennis Complex will be available to rent for practice during the tournament. Please contact the Adams Tennis Complex directly at (615) 456-4000 to determine availability and reserve an indoor court.

PRE-MATCH PROCEDURES - All players must check-in to the tournament desk 30 minutes prior to each match. Failure to do so could result in points and games being deducted from the player at the start of the match.

TOURNAMENT PLAY - “No Ad” scoring will be used with two out of three sets to determine a match. In the tournament format, singles and doubles play shall be two out of three sets to determine a match. However in team competition, singles will be two out of three sets and doubles shall be an eight-game pro set. In case a third set is necessary, there shall be a five-minute rest period before the start of the third set. The “Twelve Point Tiebreaker” will be used in all sets. Please refer to the Tennis Regulations for additional tournament play information. TSSAA will strictly follow these guidelines at the tennis state tournament.

SPORTSMANSHIP - Officials at the State Championship level will strictly enforce sportsmanship. Any visible or audible profanity or obscenity, abuse of racquets, balls, or equipment, or verbal or physical abuse of a player or official will not be tolerated. In addition, all tennis players’ uniforms and caps must meet all regulations. Please refer to the Tennis Regulations for additional information on sportsmanship.

INCLEMENT WEATHER POLICIES - The tournament director will determine if the courts are unplayable or unsafe due to weather. At this time, the matches will be postponed and moved to indoor courts at the Adams Tennis Complex as available. The current round will continue with the same format. If the weather continues and outdoor courts will not be available, it is the discretion of the tournament director to determine if the next round of play will be shortened to an 8-game pro-set.