1. Pairings / Bracket- The Class A First Round and Quarterfinal Round Pairings can be found here. The Class AA First Round and Quarterfinal Round Pairings can be found here.
  2. Dates / Location / Times - The Division II Class A and Class AA First Round shall take place on Tuesday, October 13, 2020. Division II Class A and Class AA Quarterfinals shall take place on Saturday, October 17, 2020. Schools can mutually agree to play earlier than the dates indicated above.
  3. Tickets and Passes:
    1. All tickets are general admission and are $7 each. All host schools are strongly encouraged to use GoFan online ticket sales exclusively for their event. Using GoFan allows schools to not oversell tickets for the events with capacity limits and eases ticket distribution to the visiting team, while also offering easy solutions in the event there is a need for refunds or contact tracing.
      1. Hosts of First Round games are responsible for the distribution of tickets. They can contact GoFan directly to set up online tickets or use paper tickets at their site.
      2. All Quarterfinal tickets will be made available to purchase on GoFan at 12 PM CT on Wednesday, October 14. Tickets will be linked to the participating schools' GoFan sites as well as the TSSAA GoFan site at gofan.co/tssaa. If a host school does not wish to use GoFan, they must opt out by notifying GoFan immediately through Patrick Noles at pnoles@huddleinc.com.
        1. In the event paper tickets are used instead of GoFan for Quarterfinals, the visiting team shall have the opportunity to receive 50% of the available tickets. Visiting teams must have at least 24 hours to sell tickets. Unsold tickets must be returned or released before the deadline established by the host school.
    2. Per TSSAA Covid-19 Guidelines, each host school is responsible for restricting their attendance to a maximum of 1/3 of the established capacity of their venue. TSSAA has provided GoFan with the host school's gym capacity that was submitted for basketball. If that number is different for volleyball, the host school must communicate that information to Patrick Noles at GoFan at pnoles@huddleinc.com.
    4. Each team will be allotted 20 passes by the host school for admitting players, managers, coaches, and other school officials.
    5. Since capacity limits are in place, schools will not be obligated to accept the TACA and TSSAA Championship Event Cards. If accepted, the 2020-21 Championship Event Card will provide complimentary admittance for the First Round and Quarterfinal Matches. Each member school received two event cards. This card admits ONLY ONE PERSON PER CARD. If accepted, the Tennessee Athletic Coaches Association (TACA) card will also provide complimentary admittance for the First Round and Quarterfinal Matches. The TACA card admits ONLY ONE PERSON PER CARD.
    6. Cheerleaders in uniform will be admitted free. Each team is limited to 12 cheerleaders for admittance and for cheering during the First Round & Quarterfinal Matches.
  4. Scorer, Tracker & Timer - The host school shall provide the scorer, tracker, and timer.
  5. Game Officials - Game officials will be assigned by the state office. Game fees for officials working the match is $80.00. Mileage shall also be paid at a rate of 15 cents per mile for each official traveling from outside the county in which they reside to the contest.
  6. Tournament Rosters - A team may dress 14 players for the First Round Match and Quarterfinal Match. (A team may not have additional players dressed in uniforms and have them wear T-shirts or warm-ups over the uniform.)
  7. 15 Minute Pre-Match Warm-Up Schedule - The following warm-up schedule shall be followed:

    3 Minutes - General Passing (Both Teams on their Side)
    6 Minutes - Serving Teams Court
    6 Minutes - Receiving Teams Court

  8. Line-Judges - The host team shall provide two adult line judges.
  9. Game Balls - The host school shall supply an approved or official volleyball for the match. The Wilson K1 Gold (WTH1895A1) volleyball will be used at the state tournament.
  10. Financial Arrangements / Reporting - The principal or designee of the host school shall be the Game Director. The Game Director shall make a financial report on the TSSAA Portal based on the financial arrangements listed below:
    1. Game officials and administrative cost shall be paid first before any team expense is allowed. If receipts are not sufficient to pay the officials and game expenses, the host team and TSSAA shall share these costs and no team expenses shall be allowed.
    2. The home team shall receive no expenses. Visiting teams within 50 miles of the site match shall receive no expense allowance. Teams over 50 miles away shall receive 36 cents per mile, round trip. No other team expenses will be paid. If receipts are sufficient to pay officials and game expenses, as much as can be paid should be paid toward team expenses. If any receipts remain after all expenses have been paid, they should be divided with the two participating schools and TSSAA, each receiving 33 1/3%. All checks for district, regional, and sectional tournaments and playoffs must be distributed within 10 business days of the completion of the tournament or game. Failure to do so will result in a $100.00 late fee to be paid to TSSAA and is to be used in the A.F. Bridges sportsmanship program to go to schools or students receiving awards. Failure to distribute funds within 20 business days will result in an additional $200 late fee (total $300.00). Failure to distribute funds within 40 business days will result in an additional $200.00 late fee (total $500.00). The school may not host any tournament or playoff until the principal or athletic director appears before the Board of Control to explain their reasons for not distributing the checks within the required time frame. The Board would then determine whether the school can host tournaments or playoffs in the future.
  11. Video / Videostream / Radio - All media equipment and personnel must be licensed and credentialed members of the press (no parents with cameras). They cannot be in an area that would interfere with play, interfere with the officials or line judges, or subject them or players to harm. They are restricted from the areas immediately behind or in front of the benches and scorekeeper's table. In other areas, from the end of the benches of both teams, they must be at least 6 feet off the court and within three feet of the boundary defining the playing area. They many not stand beside the R1 referee stand to take photographs. During time-outs and between sets, they may not enter the court areas in front of the benches or scorekeeper's table. If a member of the press interferes with a player's legitimate attempt to play the ball, the whistle shall be blown by the referee and a replay awarded to the team. An exception will be made at the TSSAA State Girls' Volleyball Tournament because of court configuration. Rules governing videostreaming or other broadcast of a postseason contest are found in the TSSAA Media Regulations.
  12. State Tournament Program - If your team has not already submitted your team photo, school logo, and team roster please do so immediately. Detailed instructions for submitting your teams information can be found here.
  13. Submitting Results - Upon completion of the first round match, please email your results to: tssaa@tssaa.org. Quarterfinal match hosts please submit the site and time of your match to tssaa@tssaa.org as soon as possible. Upon completion of the quarterfinal match, please email your results to: tssaa@tssaa.org.
  14. State Tournament Guidelines - Information concerning the Girls' Volleyball State Tournament can be found here.