Allie Cofer (Sweetwater High School)

Allie Cofer (Sweetwater High School)

Junior cheerleader Allie Cofer of Sweetwater High School has been recognized with the National Student-Athlete Award of Excellence by the NFHS and TSSAA, an honor that highlights her exemplary display of sportsmanship, leadership, and perseverance.

At the start of the cheer season, Allie suffered a severe injury – a broken femur - that could have easily seen her withdraw from the team's activities. But Allie chose a different path, showing up to every game in a wheelchair, despite being physically unable to participate. Her stalwart dedication was evident, offering encouragement to her fellow cheerleaders, contributing her knowledge as best she could, and simply being present, even though she was under no obligation to do so.

Allie's actions not only served as a source of inspiration for her team but also exemplified what it means to be a true leader. Her presence at games and practices, despite her physical limitations, demonstrated to her peers the value of dedication and team spirit.

After a six-week recovery period, marked by her positive attitude and hard work, Allie returned to cheer, albeit with some restrictions. Nevertheless, her influence remained strong, reiterating the impact that one individual can have on a team's morale and performance.

Outside of cheerleading, Allie contributes to the community through her work at a local sweet shop and her participation in church activities, in addition to spending quality time with her family and friends.

Allie's story is a testament to the power of perseverance and the significance of team spirit, demonstrating that good sportsmanship isn't merely about winning, but also about standing by one's team in the face of adversity. Her example invites us all, whether we are student-athletes or not, to reflect on our own commitment, resilience, and leadership in the various teams we belong to in our own lives.

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