Boyd Buchanan School student Nora Stone, a spirited and talented 11th grader, has won the NFHS Student-Athlete Award of Excellence for her infectious spirit and sportsmanship while on the school's bowling team. Stone’s impressive leadership and enthusiasm have earned her this prestigious accolade bestowed by the TSSAA and the National Federation of State High School Associations.

Nora started with very little interest in athletics, spending most of her time in theater, art, and her church youth group. She joined the bowling team to build connections and step out of her comfort zone. Little did anyone know, she was about to raise the bar for sportsmanship in school sports.

The upbeat student significantly changed the dynamics of the Boyd Buchanan bowling team. As a sophomore, she observed the intense competitiveness among her seniors and aimed to bring back the sense of community it was losing.

This year, Nora became the voice of the team, her screams of victory chants, relentless morale-boosting, and constant celebration of even the smallest accomplishments became the heartbeat of the team. Such was her influence that even a less-than-perfect shot received encouragement – lifting spirits high and making each player feel valued.

Nora's zealous sportsmanship was not just refreshing, but contagious – she set the bowling alley ablaze with her spirit, as everyone absorbed her energy and positivity.

Besides her contributions to the school's athletics, Nora shines in academia, theater, musicals, and art. As an honors student with a 4.1+ GPA, her talents extend beyond the bowling alley. However, it's her unique fervor and commitment to the spirit of sports that has brought about a 180-degree change in Boyd Buchanan's athletic atmosphere.

Nora's story underscores the importance of sportsmanship in educational athletics. Sports aren't just about winning – they're about building and fostering a sense of camaraderie, supporting one another, and growing together as a team and as individuals.

Nora Stone is a shining example of the powerful impact a single individual's attitude can have on a team. Every student-athlete or indeed, every student at Boyd Buchanan and beyond can take a leaf out of Nora's book – in sports, and in every area of school life. We encourage everyone to embrace the spirit of sportsmanship, follow Nora's lead, and cultivate a healthy, positive and supportive atmosphere in their teams and their schools.

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