The TSSAA Sports Medicine Advisory Committee was established to review current and potential sports medicine policy and proposals and make recommendations to the TSSAA Board of Control on all issues related to the health, wellness and injury reduction of member schools’ student-athletes.

Committee Objectives

  1. Promote the health and safety of interscholastic athletes by serving in a medical advisory capacity to the TSSAA Board of Control.
  2. Educate, interpret, and disseminate materials to students, coaches and administrators concerning medical issues related to sport.
  3. Assist TSSAA/TMSAA in researching sports medical issues and/or concerns when needed.
  4. Assist in the development of guidelines, policy, and best practices that take into account the varying levels of administrative and financial support available to TSSAA/TMSAA member schools.
  5. Review and promote continuing education (in-service) programs for coaches, administrators, and others who contribute to the sports medicine effort at the interscholastic level. Proactively address new health and safety concerns.

Membership on this committee shall include, but not be limited to, physicians, certified athletic trainers, physical therapists, athletic administrators, and TSSAA game officials.

Members of the committee shall be selected by the TSSAA staff in consultation with the TSSAA Board of Control, recognized organizations of health professionals, and existing members of the committee.

The committee shall meet not less often than annually and at such other times as may be determined by TSSAA staff.