What is a Sports Information Director/Assistant?

A Sports Information Director (SID) is an assistant to the Athletic Director who is knowledgeable and interested in sports at a school and is in attendance at many of the school’s athletic contests. An SID can be a student, faculty member or athletic booster. A school may have more than one registered SID.

Could you use some help?

The SID should work closely with the school’s coaching staff to ensure that schedules and rosters are correct in the TSSAA Portal and scores are submitted after each contest. The data submitted to the Portal is integrated into the public TSSAA website, allowing anyone on the internet to view the information almost immediately after it is entered. SIDs will not have access to any areas of the Portal aside from schedules and rosters and will not be responsible for any information that could impact a student's eligibility.

The SID will be listed on your school’s TSSAA directory page so that opponents and visitors to your school will be able to contact them with questions about your teams or facilities.

Where can I find an SID?

Most young people at your school already have the basic technology skills that an SID needs. The trick is to identify a person that is already close to your sports programs but does not participate on a team. You may already have a few people in mind.

The SID should be a person who can communicate and work well with members of the school’s administration and coaching staff. An SID should have internet access outside of school and basic knowledge of the internet. He/she will be using email and posting simple information through web forms.

If the SID is a student, they should volunteer for the role only with the approval and support of their parents. It will not be extremely time consuming, but it will require commitment and responsibility.

What's the next step?

More than 30 schools have already registered an SID with the state office. In the same manner that you would assign a coach or administrator each school year, you will need to add the individual as a new staff member and assign him/her to the position of Sports Information Director on the Coaches & Staff page under School Administration.

We have prepared a 35 minute video walkthrough of how to edit roster details, schedules and scores. Your coaches and sports information assistants will also learn how to capitalize on several new features of the TSSAA Portal.

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