Instead of mailing printed rules books to schools, rules books are delivered digitally directly to coaches through the use of the new NFHS AllAccess app. The app is free for smartphones and tablets through the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

As part of membership, your school will receive one rules book subscription for head coaches in each of the following sports: football, volleyball, soccer, basketball, wrestling, track & field, baseball and softball. The NFHS permits the coach to view their rules books on up to three unique devices using the same email and password.

Head coaches will need to sign into the Portal, click Resources then Sport Rules Books to request access to their digital book. Instructions will be shown on that page to walk first-time users through the process of downloading the app and registering an account inside the app.

Administrators may go to the same page to view the same instructions and optionally send a helpful email with instructions to each eligible coach.

  1. The coach will receive an email with instructions from the TSSAA Portal (initiated by the school's athletic director). Review the instructions and click the "Begin" button in the email.
  2. A prompt to sign into the TSSAA Portal will appear. Sign in with email address and password (coach's individual account). If in doubt, use the same email address the instructions were sent to. If the coach can't remember the password, click the Forgot Password button and follow the prompts to reset the password.
  3. On the "Sport Rules Books" page review the on-screen instructions and click the "Request Rules Book" button. The "Sport Rules Books" page can also be found under the Resources menu of the Portal. You must allow at least 48 hours for the rules book request to be processed by TSSAA and the NFHS. You will receive an email from the NFHS AllAccess app once the subscription is fully activated.
  4. If you do not already have an NFHS Account, go to to create one. If you have ever completed an NFHS Learn course, you will already have one. To create an account, click the Register link and complete the registration form. You MUST use the email address matching your TSSAA Portal email address or you will not receive access to the books.
  5. Download the free NFHS AllAccess app from the Apple iTunes or Google Play store.
    Apple App Store Google Play Store
  6. Open the NFHS AllAccess app and sign in with your NFHS Account. Remember, this account and password is separate from your TSSAA Portal account, however the email you sign into the AllAccess app with must match your TSSAA Portal login.
  7. View the "My Publication" section on the app's home screen to see each book assigned to you.
  8. Other digital publications can be purchased by school personnel or the general public through the website.
  9. A walkthrough video is available on the NFHS website.