Before attempting registration:

  1. Read the Regulations for Officials.
  2. Review the Officials Associations so you will know which association to join.

Please note that all officials must pass a background check. Criteria for this background check adheres to Tennessee state law. Failure to pass the background check, based on state law, cannot be appealed and registration payment will not be refunded.

To start the process of registering as a TSSAA Official, click here to go to the Registration Dashboard at ArbiterSports. Note: upon clicking on the link you will be leaving the TSSAA website.

All payments will be made online. Registration for the first sport is $70 and each additional sport is $60 each.

Registration opens every year on June 1 and closes the following May. You may register for all sports beginning June 1. Once a sports’ season has ended, you would need to wait until the next open registration on June 1 to complete registration for that sport. Example: Football is a fall sport and concludes its season in December. Therefore, if it is after December, you would need to wait until the following June 1 to register for football.