In an insightful talk, Jay Hammes, President of Safe Sport Zone and a retired athletic director from Racine, Wisconsin, delves into the subject of crowd management at sports events. Drawing from his vast experience, he offers actionable strategies on how to identify and deal with disruptive individuals effectively.

Hammes emphasizes the importance of proactive crowd scanning, engaging more personnel for monitoring crowd behavior, and identifying potential troublemakers in a crowd of hundreds. By being vigilant and observant, frontline staff can predict outbursts even before they begin, and act accordingly to prevent them from escalating.

An infinitely helpful point in Hammes's approach is his strategy for directly addressing disruptors. Drawing from principles of psychology and conflict resolution, Hammes shows you how to speak to disruptive individuals in a kind, respectful and question-based manner. This tactic not only diffuses the situation but also encourages communication, leading to a potential resolution.

Hammes’s strategies are backed by his personal experience and grounded in deep understanding of crowd psychology. Sports or event administrators, and anyone looking to improve their knowledge on crowd management, will find his presentation to be highly beneficial. Watch the full conversation and gain valuable insights into efficient and safe crowd management at sports events.

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