Earlier this year, the USGA released a new Digital Learning Tool aimed at teaching high school and collegiate players the Rules of Golf. Developed from feedback from thousands of coaches and players, this online course is powered by adaptive-learning technology, which means that each player’s experience is personalized to meet his or her specific needs. Players will advance through the course based on their own knowledge and experience levels – players who already have a good understanding of the new Rules will be able to complete this course in approximately 45-60 minutes, while others may take up to 2 hours or more. Most importantly, you can be confident that once your players have completed this course, each will have demonstrated their complete understanding of the course content.

To request access to the Tool, please complete the registration form. After completing the form, your credentials will be sent from the USGA within 2 weeks. Please note, the Tool is available free of charge.

If you have an account from earlier this year, you still have access to the account and do not need to complete the registration form again.

Please contact the USGA Rules team at rules@usga.org or 908-326-1850 if you have any questions.