With the 2022-23 academic year behind us, the TSSAA is proud to recognize the nearly 4,000 students who participated in three or more sports during the past school year.

While there were more than 92,100 student-athletes at TSSAA member high schools this year, only 3,995 of them participated in more than two sports. This is nearly a 15% increase from the 2021-22 school year. The state office makes printable certificates available to each school that they may present to their three-sport athletes each year.

"We encourage our adults to allow student-athletes the opportunity to participate in the sports they are interested in, whether that’s just one, or two, or three, or more," said Mark Reeves, Executive Director of TSSAA.

TSSAA believes that interscholastic athletics is one of society's best tools for building positive relationships, learning ethical behavior, and fostering personal growth and perseverance.

Administrators and coaches can assess each of their teams' standings in regard to multi-sport participation using the Multi-Sport Participation by Team report on TSSAA.org.

"It's important to remember that high school athletics are about fostering growth and building strong character in our young people," Reeves said. "We shouldn't sacrifice that in the pursuit of sport specialization and the interests of other levels of sports competition."

TSSAA also extends a similar recognition to coaches and administrators. Head coaches receive "Virtues of Sport" certificates when the majority of the students on their team roster are participants in at least one other TSSAA sport. Principals and athletic directors also receive similar certificates when at least four of their teams in football, boys' and girls' basketball, baseball and softball meet the criteria to be recognized.

Multi-Sport Athlete Awards - At a Glance

Students participating in 3+ sports: 3,995
Schools with at least one three-sport athlete: 400
Schools with at least one four-sport athlete: 161

Schools with 25 or more three-sport athletes:

Battle Ground Academy
Brentwood Academy
Community High School
Ensworth High School
Harding Academy
Jackson Christian School
Nashville Christian School
Northwest High School
Notre Dame High School
Trinity Christian Academy
Whites Creek High School

Schools with the highest percentage of three-sport athletes:

Trinity Christian Academy (20%)
Soulsville Charter School (20%)
Copper Basin High School (20%)
Maplewood Comprehensive High School (19%)
Manassas High School (19%)
University High School - Memphis (19%)
Jackson Christian School (18%)
Brainerd High School (18%)
B. T. Washington High School (18%)
Northview Academy (18%)
Mitchell High School (18%)
Memphis Business Academy (18%)
Ezell-Harding Christian School (18%)
Oakdale High School (17%)
Harding Academy (16%)
Pigeon Forge High School (16%)
Mt. Juliet Christian Academy (15%)
St. Andrew's - Sewanee School (15%)
Community High School (15%)