BOARD OF CONTROL MINUTES November 15, 2018 Hermitage, TN

  1. Roll Call
  2. Approved Minutes of Last Meeting
  3. The Board voted to give state office staff permission to conduct the draw for State Wrestling Tournament.
  4. Heard a Review of the 2018 Regional Meetings
  5. Heard a Review of 2018 Fall Sports state tournament events in golf, volleyball, girls' soccer, cross country, and cheer/dance championships. An update regarding the 2018 BlueCross Bowl was given as well.
  6. The staff updated the Board on Regional Basketball Sites for 2018-19
  7. Approved the TSSAA Membership Contracts for 2018-19
  8. Voted to not allow schools to participate in postseason competition until any outstanding fines or membership dues are paid.
  9. Heard an update from the TSSAA Sports Medicine Advisory Committee
  10. Heard an update regarding the TMSAA Cross Country Championships that were held on Saturday, October 6 in Clarksville.
  11. Rossville Christian Academy Withdraws from TSSAA
  12. Voted to approve an an Invitational Unified Bowling Tournament to be held in conjunction with the TSSAA State Bowling Championships in January at the Smyrna Bowling Center
  13. Compass School - Midtown High was approved for TSSAA Membership Compass School-Midtown High School has been approved as a charter school under the Shelby County Board of Education. It will open in 2019-20 with an estimated enrollment of 200 students in grades 7-12. They plan to participate in basketball, cross country, football, golf, soccer, track and field, and volleyball, but they will only play football at the JV level the next two years. They will be placed in Division I Class A, District 15 in basketball, volleyball, and soccer, Region 8 Small in cross country, West Section Small in track and field.
  14. Approved the proposed District Alignment for DII Class A Middle Region & proposed Region Alignment for DII Class A Football. It will be effective for the 2019-20 and 2020-21 school years.
  15. Approved Tipton Christian Academy's Requests to Move to District 5
  16. Approved the request from Dayspring Academy to Co-Op with East Robertson High School
  17. Hamilton County Collegiate High School was approved for TSSAA Membership Hamilton County Collegiate High School is a Category I school under the Hamilton Country Board of Education. It currently has 171 students in grades 9-12. They plan to request a cooperative agreement with another school within the district.
  18. Approved the classification for schools that had a 20% increase or decrease in enrollment which cause them to move to a different class and the DI independent schools that will be moved to DII beginning with the 2019-20 school year.
  19. Approved the request submitted by Tennessee School of the Blind that students with visual impairments who do not attend TSB be allowed to wrestle for their school.
  20. Denied the request submitted by Eagleville High School for establishing a protocol to protest the outcome of contests with video evidence of a mis-scoring that results in the wrong team being awarded the win.
  21. Approved the request of Class AA, District 10 for permission to play three games a night on a school night during their district basketball tournament.
  22. Approved the request of Class A, Region 7 regarding regional basketball format exception in regards to adjustments in dates.
  23. Denied Eagleville High School's Request to Move to Class 1A in Football
  24. Denied McMinn County High School's Requests Change to Class 5A in Football
  25. Denied Sequoyah High School's (Madisonville) Request to change from Class 4A, Region 2 to Class 5A, Region 4 in football for the 2019 football season.
  26. Approved Zion Christian Academy's request to play a non-region schedule in football for the next two years and be permitted to participate in the post season basketball series.
  27. Denied the request from Warren County High School to move from Class 6A to Class 5A in football.
  28. Denied the request from White County to be moved to Class 5A, Region 4 in football. The Board approved their request to play a non-region schedule and be permitted to participate in the postseason basketball series.