BOARD OF CONTROL AGENDA November 15, 2018 Hermitage, TN

  1. Roll Call
  2. Approval of Minutes
  3. Drawing for State Wrestling Tournament
  4. 2018 Regional Meetings There were 10 proposals for changes in the TSSAA Bylaws on the Regional Meetings agenda this year. A report of these meetings will be provided to the Board of Control.
  5. Review of 2018 Fall Sports The financial reports for all fall sports tournaments will be presented at the January meeting of the Board of Control. The staff will provide a brief overview of the state tournament events in golf, volleyball, girls' soccer, and cross country. The staff will also give an update of the 2018 Cheerleading Championships as well as the BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee State Football Championships in Cookeville.
  6. Update of Regional Basketball Sites for 2018-19
  7. Approval of TSSAA Membership Contracts for 2018-19
  8. Outstanding Fines and Membership Dues
  9. Update from TSSAA Sports Medicine Advisory Committee
  10. TMSAA Cross Country Championships Update
  11. Rossville Christian Academy Withdraws from TSSAA
  12. Unified Bowling An Invitational Unified Bowling Tournament will be held in conjunction with the TSSAA State Bowling Championships
  13. Compass School - Midtown High School Requests TSSAA Membership Compass School-Midtown High School has been approved as a charter school under the Shelby County Board of Education. It will open in 2019-20 with an estimated enrollment of 200 students in grades 7-12. If approved, they plan to participate in basketball, cross country, football, golf, soccer, track and field, and volleyball, but they will only play football at the JV level the next two years. If approved, they will be placed in Division I Class A, District 15 in basketball, volleyball, and soccer, Region 8 Small in cross country, West Section Small in track and field.
  14. Proposed District Alignment for DII Class A Middle Region and Proposed Region Alignment for DII Class A Football. A proposed District Alignment for DII Class A Middle Region and Region Alignment for DII Class A Football submitted by the Athletic directors of the DII Middle Region schools will be presented.
  15. Tipton Christian Academy Requests to Move to District 5 Tipton Christian Academy was originally placed in District 6. Due to their location as the most North East school in West Tennessee, they are requesting to move to District 5 for the 2019-20 school year. This would put them with the other schools that are North and East of Memphis in Shelby County.
  16. Dayspring Academy Requests to Co-Op with East Robertson High School The administrations at Dayspring Academy and East Robertson High School are requesting to continue their cooperative agreement. The staff will explain the situation and representatives from the schools will be present to address the Board.
  17. Official Appeals Suspension of Registration
  18. Hamilton County Collegiate High School Requests TSSAA Membership Hamilton County Collegiate High School is a Category I school under the Hamilton Country Board of Education. It currently has 171 students in grades 9-12. If approved, they plan to request a cooperative agreement with another school within the district.
  19. Classification Information on the schools that had a 20% increase or decrease in enrollment which caused them to move to a different class will be presented to the Board. The information also contains the DI independent schools that will be moved to DII beginning with the 2019-20 school year.
  20. Tennessee School of the Blind Proposal The administration at the Tennessee School for the Blind is requesting that the students with visual impairments who do not attend TSB be allowed to wrestle for their school. The administration would like to appear before the Board to explain their proposal.
  21. Eagleville High School Requests Protocol to Protest the Outcome of Contests This proposal is for TSSAA to create a protocol by which a member school could protest the outcome of a contest with video evidence of a mis-scoring that results in the wrong team being awarded the win.
  22. Class AA, District 10 Requests Basketball Tournament Exception The schools within the district are asking permission to play three games a night on a school night.
  23. Class A, Region 7 Requests Regional Basketball Format Exception The schools with the region are requesting a Region Tournament format change.
  24. Eagleville High School Requests to Move to Class 1A in Football The Eagleville administration is requesting to play Class 1A football the next two-year cycle due to the opening of Rockvale High School and rezoning.
  25. McMinn County High School Requests Change in Classification A letter received from the Director of McMinn County School contains a request that McMinn County High School be moved form Class 6A to Class 5A
  26. Litigation Report
  27. Hardship Appeals
  28. Official Appeals Suspension of Registration
  29. Sequoyah High School, Madisonville Requests Classification Change Sequoyah High School in Madisonville is requesting to move from Class 4A, Region 2 to Class 5A, Region 4 in football for the 2019 football season.