The three Regional Meetings for 2023 were held last week across the state, bringing together leaders of TSSAA member schools to discuss legislative proposals and elect representatives to the organization's Board of Control and Legislative Council. The A. F. Bridges sportsmanship awards were also presented to the nine finalists in each Grand Division with three winners in each division taking home the State Award of Excellence. A full list of A. F. Bridges Award winners are included below.

Eighty-four percent of member schools voted on the proposals that were discussed at the regional meetings.

Eight elections were held for seats on the Board of Control and Legislative Council. The individuals elected are listed below:

Board of Control Elections:

  • Jody Wright of Fulton High School (Board of Control, Second Athletic District)
  • Michel Sanchez of Hunters Lane High School (Board of Control, Fifth Athletic District)
  • Dennis Goodwin of Donelson Christian Academy (Board of Control, Middle Independent)
  • Greg Scott of Milan High School (Board of Control, Eighth Athletic District)
  • Jay Watts, Girls Preparatory School (Board of Control, East Independent). Mr. Watts was appointed to fill the vacancy until a regular election could be held. The term for this seat expires in 2025

Legislative Council Elections:

  • Joe Gaddis of Oak Ridge High School (Legislative Council, Second Athletic District). The term for this seat expires in 2025.
  • Angie Cass of Soddy Daisy High School (Legislative Council, Third Athletic District)
  • Greg Wyant of Siegel High School (Legislative Council, Fourth Athletic District)
  • Dan Black of Bradford Special School District (Legislative Council, Eighth Athletic District)
  • Kenny Sholl of McCallie School (Legislative Council, East Independent)
  • Catherine Chubb of Hutchison School (Legislative Council, West Independent). Ms. Chubb was appointed to fill the vacancy until a regular election could be held. The term for this seat expires in 2025.

The membership voted on 12 proposals presented by fellow member schools. A full list of proposals and vote totals by Grand Division is linked below.

Two proposals were submitted regarding the addition of sports to be sanctioned by the association. A proposal by Franklin High School to sanction Girls’ Flag Football was supported by 56% of the membership. Half of the schools voting for the inclusion of girls flag football were Middle Tennessee Schools. A proposal submitted by Elizabethton High School to sanction Swimming was supported by 58% of the membership.

Spring Hill High School submitted a proposed change that would allow for 12 days of off-season practice during a 15 consecutive school day period for all sports that are not currently permitted to have off-season practice (Volleyball, Girls Soccer). It would also allow for 12 days of preseason practice during a 15 consecutive school day period for those sports not currently permitted to have preseason practice (Baseball, Softball, Soccer). Over 80% of the membership voted in favor of this proposal.

A proposal to increase the number of students who are permitted to receive individual instruction during the school year on a daily basis was submitted by Santa Fe High School. The proposal would raise the number in Basketball - from 3 to 5; Soccer from 6 to 11; Baseball and Girls Softball from 5 to 9; Volleyball from 3 to 6. The proposed change was supported by 77% of the membership.

Mt. Pleasant High School submitted a proposal that would allow schools to cover the expenses of an athlete who attends any athletic camp where specialized instruction is involved. 70% of the member schools voted against the proposal.

72% of schools supported a proposal to add one week of regular season to spring sports that was submitted by Friendship Christian School. The proposal would move the first official contest date for all spring sports from NFHS Week 37 to NFHS Week 36.

Clarksville High School submitted multiple proposals regarding the number of contests allowed in golf. The current rule permits schools to compete in 14 match dates during the regular season. While 67% of schools were in favor of changing the limit of match dates to allow each individual golfer to compete in 14 contests per season, fewer schools were in favor of increasing the season limits (61%). A narrow majority (54%) were in favor of counting 9-hole matches as half of an event.

Cheatham County High School submitted a proposal to allow 8th grade students to be eligible to compete provided that the school the 8th grade student is enrolled in is identified as a “feeder” school for the member high school where they wish to participate. 74% of the membership voted against this proposal.

A proposed change to Article II Sections 11 and 13 that was submitted by Martin Luther King High School would move “Under Discipline” from Section 13 to Section 11. This change would make the rule apply to any student changing schools, not just students that meet the definition of “transfer student.” 82% of the membership were in favor of the proposed change.

The final proposal was in regards to the membership’s desire to modify the transfer rule. Only 35% believe that the transfer rules need to be evaluated for possible changes. When presented with the option to consider allowing student-athletes the opportunity to transfer one time after establishing a high school athletic record, less than one-third (31%) of the schools favored that possibility. Fewer schools (29%) favored the possible change to provide students the opportunity to transfer one time after establishing a high school athletic record, provided the transfer takes place before they begin their 10th grade year. More than two-thirds of the schools voted against the two transfer rule changes presented for consideration.

The proposals will be considered by the Legislative Council at their next scheduled meeting, which will be held on December 7.

A. F. Bridges Award Winners

Photos of the A.F. Bridges Awards can be found here.

School System Administrator of the Year

Jeffrey Moorhouse, Kingsport City Schools (Athletic District 1)
Jennifer Fields, Campbell County Schools (Athletic District 2)
Clint Baker, Meigs County Director of Schools (Athletic District 3)
Cheryl Cope, Van Buren County Schools(Athletic District 4)
Mark North, Metro Nashville Public Schools (Athletic District 5)
Dr. Danny Weeks, Dickson County Schools (Athletic District 6)
Lynn Watkins, McKenzie Special School District (Athletic District 7)
Tim Watkins, Obion County Schools (Athletic District 8)
Toni Williams, Memphis Shelby County Schools (Athletic District 9)

Principal of the Year

Greg Haggard, Seymour High School (Athletic District 1)
Seth Smith, Fulton High School (Athletic District 2)
Brent Eller, East Hamilton High School (Athletic District 3)
Sherri Southerland, Smyrna High School (Athletic District 4)
Art Crook, Station Camp High School (Athletic District 5)
Jon Bennett, Columbia Academy (Athletic District 6)
Clay Murley, Chester County High School (Athletic District 7)
Jim Hughes, Gibson County High School (Athletic District 8)
Dr. Reginald Williams, Overton High School (Athletic District 9)

Athletic Director of the Year

James Buchanan, North Greene High School (Athletic District 1)
Mike Reynolds, Jellico High School (Athletic District 2)
Jay Williams, Ooltewah High School (Athletic District 3)
Jason Brown, Eagleville High School (Athletic District 4)
Dr. Jason Charlton, Ezell-Harding Christian School (Athletic District 5)
Jay Powlas, Dickson County High School (Athletic District 6)
Matthew Smith, Hardin County High School (Athletic District 7)
Mike Huffman, Munford High School (Athletic District 8)
Phil Clark, Bartlett City Schools (Athletic District 9)

Female Coach of the Year

Kristi Walling, West Ridge High School (Athletic District 1)
Paige Taylor, Oak Ridge High School (Athletic District 2)
Norma Nelson, East Hamilton High School (Athletic District 3)
Lesley Riddle, Livingston Academy (Athletic District 4)
Connie Castleman, Rossview High School (Athletic District 5)
Molly Ashley, Wayne County High School (Athletic District 6)
Jennifer Wheeler, Jackson Christian School (Athletic District 7)
Shanna O’Bright, Dyer County High School (Athletic District 8)
Lindsey Vicknair, Collierville High School (Athletic District 9)

Male Coach of the Year

Brad Woolsey, Greeneville High School (Athletic District 1)
Bob Black, Fulton High School (Athletic District 2)
Jason Reuter, Bradley Central High School (Athletic District 3)
Eric Mitchell, White County High School (Athletic District 4)
Jeff Brothers, Nashville Christian School (Athletic District 5)
Jeremy Baker, Creek Wood High School (Athletic District 6)
Brent McNeal, Jackson South Side High School (Athletic District 7)
Craig Rogers, Westview High School (Athletic District 8)
Stephen Kirkpatrick, Northpoint Christian School (Athletic District 9)

Official of the Year

Arnaze Cantrell (Athletic District 1)
Eddie Golden (Athletic District 2)
Jake Sewell (Athletic District 3)
Danny Freeman (Athletic District 4)
Lucy Bell (Athletic District 5)
Tony Beyer (Athletic District 6)
Ray Washington (Athletic District 7)
Richard Addo (Athletic District 8)
Lavon Works (Athletic District 9)

Contributor of the Year

Chris Manis, Radio Announcer for Cherokee High School (Athletic District 1)
Peggy Bratt, Athletic Trainer for Alcoa High School(Athletic District 2)
Robert Talask, Soddy Daisy High School Team Manager (Athletic District 3)
Gary Cooper, Cooper Steel (Athletic District 4)
Ronnie Hollingsworth, Hollingsworth Oil (Athletic District 5)
Mathews Team Sports (Athletic District 6)
Paul Schulze, Worthy Road Studios (Athletic District 7)
Paul Tinkle, Thunderbolt Broadcasting (Athletic District 8)
John Guinozzo, Sports Writer (Athletic District 9)

East Tennessee Divisional Finalists

Christian Academy of Knoxville
Chuckey-Doak High School
Claiborne High School
David Crockett High School
Lookout Valley High School (Winner)
Rockwood High School
Signal Mountain High School (Winner)
Sweetwater High School (Winner)
West Ridge High School

Middle Tennessee Divisional Finalists

Creek Wood High School (Winner)
Gallatin High School
Hampshire High School
Livingston Academy
Richland High School (Winner)
Shelbyville Central High School (Winner)
Stratford High School
Watertown High School
Wayne County High School

West Tennessee Divisional Finalists

Brighton High School (Winner)
Craigmont High School
Crockett County High School
Huntingdon High School (Winner)
Liberty Technology Magnet High School
Manassas High School
Memphis Central High School
South Gibson High School (Winner)
Trinity Christian Academy