The Portal is a password-protected area of the TSSAA website used by member schools and the state office staff to exchange information. All school staff and coaches have an account in the system to access customized tools and information. The Portal is designed to allow users to access and use the system from any internet-connected device: desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

The Portal will help you remain compliant with membership rules and requirements. Look for the prompts, reminders and tips that are displayed to guide and inform you along the way.

Here are some helpful reminders and tips for using the Portal this school year.

How do I make sure my school staff has the access they need?

Each summer, Portal access permissions reset and only those staff members assigned to a position on the Coaches & Staff page and visible on the school's directory page will have access to Portal functions. That's why it's important to assign returning coaches and other administrators as soon as possible each school year.

School administrators can add and remove staff members under the All Staff tab of the Coaches & Staff page. To remove a staff member no longer at your school, click the "X" button across from the staff member's name.

When adding new staff members, remember that all staff members must have their own email address. Providing the same email address for more than one person links those people together and makes it impossible for them to sign into the Portal to get rules meeting credit, request rules books, etc. If you don't know a new coach's email address, wait until you have it before adding them.

If a coach is having trouble finding or signing into the Portal, click the Resend Invite button next to a person's name to resend them the initial welcome email. The email will allow them to set a password and sign into the Portal.

Staff members whose email address appears in red are likely not receiving any email from the state office because of a typo in the email address or a problem with the email account. Click the "Edit" button next to a person's name to correct or change an incorrect email address. This screen is also where you would add NFHS course completion dates for classified and non-faculty coaches.

I don't know if I have a Portal account. How can I sign in if I don't know my login information?

Check your school's directory page on and find your name and email address. If your name is not listed or the email address shown in wrong, contact your school's athletic director to have this remedied. If you are listed, go to the Portal sign in page and click the "Forgot Password" button. When prompted, type in the email address that was shown on the school directory page. The system will send you an email with a link to set a password and access your Portal account.

How do I submit my rules meeting attendance voucher?

Coaches should type in the address listed on the voucher card ( and sign into the Portal with their email address. Every registered coach has their own TSSAA Portal account linked to their email address. Only coaches shown on the school's directory page on are able to submit a voucher and should contact their athletic director to be added.

How long do I have to submit my voucher?

You have until the TSSAA Date of First Contest in your sport to submit your voucher number. This is usually two weeks or more after the last meeting is held which gives everyone ample opportunity to contact the state office if they have any issues.

How do I access an online rules meeting?

Online versions of sport rules meetings for schools must be accessed through the TSSAA Portal. The rules meeting information linked on the Coaches page of lists all available online rules meetings and the dates they will be available. Coaches or athletic directors should sign into the Portal, click Training from the menu and then Online Meetings. Click the green "Begin" button to launch the online session. School athletic directors can access any online rules meeting, but coaches can only access the meetings for the sports they have been assigned to. If you don't see the "Begin" button, check your school's directory page on to see if you're listed as a coach in your sport and contact your school's athletic director if your name is missing from the list.

How do I know my school has rules meeting credit?

Look for a star next to each sport on the school’s directory page on the website. If there’s no star and you think there should be, contact the state office immediately because credit has not been recorded in that sport. By the time spring sports begin, every sport except cross country should have a star.

Help! I made a mistake on a student’s core information.

School administrators can now make corrections to a student's core information (name, birth date, grade, etc.), even after an eligibility record is created. Logs are kept to track any changes made. In the Portal, click on the student’s name to view the student detail page, make any necessary changes and click Save.

I'm a coach and I don't see all my players in the Eligible Students list for the team roster. How do I add them?

Coaches are only able to edit schedules and add eligible students to rosters. All management of student information (eligibility, transfer filings, etc.) must be done at the discretion of the school's athletic director. If for some reason the AD wants a coach to complete student eligibility, do not hand out the School ID and password to coaches. When they sign in with the School ID and password there is no way to distinguish their actions from the actions of school administrators. Instead, the person can be added as an Assistant Athletic Director, but understand that they have full administrator access to all school functions as long as they are assigned to that role.

I was the athletic director last year, why am I having trouble accessing my school information this year when signing in with my email address?

Each June, Portal access permissions reset and only those staff members assigned to a position on the Coaches & Staff page for the new school year will have access to Portal functions. To get a headstart on the next school year and make things easier, an AD can assign themselves to their position in the Portal in the spring for the next school year.

To change the active school year, click on the school name and school year at the top of the screen, then click Change School/Year. From the school year drop-down menu select the upcoming school year. The active school year shown at the top of the screen will change and any additions or updates made from that point will impact the new school year, until you change the school year back or sign out.

If you have not done this, you will first need to sign into the Portal with the master school account (School ID) and assign yourself to an administrative position (principal/AD) for the current school year. Remember, only individuals shown on your school's public directory page will have Portal access using their individual accounts (email login).

How do I update my email address or password?

When signed into the Portal, click on the user’s name in the upper-right corner of the page and select My Profile. There are options here for changing your email address, password and other contact information. When you change your email address, you will have to respond to an automatic validation email at the new address before you are able to sign into the Portal again.

Our school is accepting students from another school through a cooperative agreement. How do we get these students on a roster?

The other school will need to perform the same eligibility and roster tasks for their students as you do for your students. In the end, co-op students will appear on both schools’ sport roster. Until the student has been cleared through the eligibility process and added to the other school’s roster, he/she will not be visible on the host school’s list of eligible students.

How can I add district or region tournament location/host to the listing on

This information can be added by school administrators or coaches through the Sport

Memberships page of the TSSAA Portal. Once submitted, details become immediately visible on the Portal and On the main menu, click Sport then choose Memberships. Find the sport you have tournament information for and click the red "Submit Tournament Info" button under the sport and level (district/region). Confirm the correct sport and group is shown, then fill in and submit the form. Provide the tournament director's contact information and shipping address for receiving packages. Every field is required. Additional information such as the format of the tournament and dates can be added in the "Event Format/Notes" box.

How can I get contact information for the schools in our area?

On the main menu, click Sport then choose Memberships. The classification breakdown for each sport will be shown. Each district/region has a blue "Members" button that will take you to see the group’s members, distribution lists and teleconference information. There you can copy and paste email lists for district/region coaches or athletic directors and access the group's unique group teleconference account. Schools that are greyed out have not activated that sport in their school's Portal account for the current school year and may not participate.