The TSSAA Legislative Council met via a video conference call on Thursday, December 10.

Dan Black, the Director of Schools for the Bradford Special School District, was elected to continue to serve as President of Legislative Council. Keith Turner, Athletic Director at Science Hill High School, was elected to serve as Vice President of the Legislative Council.

The first item that the Council discussed and took action on was a proposed addition to Article IV, Section 7 (Rules of the Game) of the TSSAA Bylaws submitted by Valor College Prep. The Council approved the proposal unanimously. The approved addition, which goes into effect immediately, states:

Religious headwear is permitted, provided it is not abrasive, hard, or dangerous to the participant and any other player, and must be attached in such a way it is highly unlikely to come off during play. Religious headwear does not need to comply with any of the color restrictions defined in applicable sport uniform codes.

Religious headwear in wrestling must comply with the safety standards of the sport and be approved by the head coach and contest referee.

Hijabs, turbans, and yarmulkes are acceptable types of religious headwear.

The Council voted to deny a proposed change to Article II, Section 8 (Eighth Grade Participation) of the Bylaws submitted by Memphis Rise Academy. The proposal was to allow seventh grade students to be eligible to participate for a member school in individual sports if they are enrolled at the school.

A proposed change to increase the number of individuals that coaches can give instruction to during the Off-Season and Pre-Season was denied. The proposal was submitted by Pope John Paul II High School.

Tellico Plains submitted a proposed addition to Article I, Section 6 (Cooperative Programs) of the TSSAA Bylaws. The proposal was that schools participating in a cooperative program shall combine their enrollments to determine their classification for that specific sport. The proposal was denied by the Council.

The complete minutes from the meeting can be viewed below.