The TSSAA Legislative Council met via a video conference call on Thursday, December 9.

Dan Black, the Director of Schools for the Bradford Special School District, was elected to continue to serve as President of Legislative Council. Keith Turner, Athletic Director at Science Hill High School, was elected to serve as Vice President of the Legislative Council.

The first item that the Council discussed and took action on was a proposed change to Article II, Section 25 B(3) (Home School Rule) of the TSSAA/TMSAA Bylaws. The Board approved the proposal which changes this section so that there is no August 15th deadline to participate. Going forward, parents must notify the Principal of the member school of an intent to participate before the first official practice date in the sport.

The Council also voted to to increase the maximum number of allowed matches in Tennis from 16 to 22.

The complete minutes from the meeting can be viewed below.