The TSSAA Legislative Council met in Murfreesboro on Thursday, December 8.

Dan Black, the Director of Schools for the Bradford Special School District, was elected to continue to serve as President of Legislative Council. Keith Turner, Athletic Director at Science Hill High School, was elected to serve as Vice President of the Legislative Council.

The Council voted on eight proposed changes in the TSSAA Bylaws that were discussed with administrators of member schools in East, Middle, and West Tennessee at the Regional Meetings that were held in early November. Only one of the eight proposals was passed by the Council.

The Council approved a proposed change to Article II, Section 18 (Amateur Rule). With immediate effect, students who receive payment for instructional services (i.e. lessons) are not in violation of the Amateur Rule. Students would be permitted to receive payment for activities not related to performance provided that they are carried out in a manner that does not suggest the endorsement or sponsorship of their school. The student’s activities for which they are compensated may not include an image or likeness of the student in a uniform, or other clothing or gear depicting the name or logo of the TSSAA member school the student is attending or has attended.

In new business, the Council voted to approve a proposal that removes the current requirement to request approval for jamborees.

The addition of a first practice date for the sport of bowling was approved. This clarifies that a student who practices three or more days after the first official date of practice and subsequently transfers would be ineligible to participate during that season. This would be consistent with all other sports.

The Council voted to table the addition of Boys' and Girls' Lacrosse as sanctioned sports. The Council will hold a called meeting in January after the next scheduled Board of Control meeting. The state office will work with Boys and Girls' Lacrosse to bring an official's fee structure to the Board of Control in January.

The full Council agenda can be viewed below.