The TSSAA Board of Control will meet on Thursday, November 16 at the TSSAA office building in Hermitage. The meeting will begin at 9:00 a.m. CST.

The Board will hear a review of the 11 proposals for changes to the TSSAA Bylaws that were discussed at the Regional Meetings this year. The Legislative Council will vote on the proposals in December.

One school, Knox County Virtual School, has submitted a request to join the association.

Both Ridgeway High School and Memphis Rise Academy are appealing sanctions placed on their soccer programs after an unsportsmanlike incident occurred at their soccer contest on April 3, 2023. Lipscomb Academy will appeal disciplinary action.

Cheatham County Central High School is proposing that schools who host a cooperative agreement must combine their enrollment with 33% of the enrollment number of the school that they establish the cooperative program with for classification.

The full agenda and complete list of school's appealing classification is linked below.