At their meeting on Monday, August 17, the Board voted on the number of classes in each sport in Division I and Division II for the next two-year cycle.

The biggest change seen in the structure of classification was the Board voting to go from three classes to four in Division I in the sports of basketball, baseball, and softball. The Board voted to continue to bring eight teams to the state tournament in each of the three sports.

Football didn't see any changes, as the Board voted to keep the same number of classes in both Division I (six classes) and Division II (three classes). All other sports will have the same number of classes as the previous classification cycle.

At their previous meeting in July, the TSSAA Board of Control voted to classify schools using the 20-day enrollment figures for a two-year period, compared to the usual four-year cycle. This will go through the 2021-22 and 2022-23 school years.

A full copy of the Board Minutes is below.