TSSAA offers Academic Achievement Award certificates to all TSSAA and TMSAA member schools. The program is based on grade point average of students and teams participating in fall sports, winter sports, spring sports and cheerleading.

School administrators must submit GPA information using the Academic Award Request form in the TSSAA Portal. The information for each team should be submitted at the conclusion of the semester in which the sport is played and be based on the grade point averages at the conclusion of that particular semester. Coaches do not have access to the form.

A print-ready PDF of certificates will be available for download in the Portal after the form is submitted. Blank certificates are no longer mailed to the schools. School administrators should print the certificates on a suitable certificate or cardstock paper for presentation to the students. The PDF download links can be found by viewing the submitted form on the Forms, Submitted Forms page of the TSSAA Portal.

The team awards are based on the team's collective GPA. A collective team GPA or 3.0 to 3.24 will entitle the team to receive the Outstanding certificate and a collective team GPA of 3.25 to 4.0 will entitle a team to receive the Distinguished certificate. The school will receive a certificate recognizing the team and each member of the team will also receive a certificate. The Individual Academic Achievement certificate will allow any student-athlete who earns a GPA or 3.5 or above to receive a certificate. Therefore, if a student participates in more than one sport, he or she may receive a certificate for each sport in which he or she participates.

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Please contact Lamar Lee (llee@tssaa.org) in the state office if you have questions about academic awards.