TSSAA Awards Coordinators, Policies, and Procedures


TSSAA Contact:

Phone: (615) 889-6740
Fax: (615) 889-0544

District and Region Awards:

District and Region Awards will be sent to Awards Coordinators whom have been selected by the TSSAA Office.  Tournament Directors will need to contact their Awards Coordinator and make arrangements for receiving the awards for their respective tournament.  In order to find out who is the Award Coordinator for your district and/or region, click on the appropriate sport below:

Fall Sports Winter Sports Spring Sports
Cross Country Basketball Baseball
Girls’ Soccer Bowling Girls’ Softball
Girls’ Volleyball Girls’ Wrestling Soccer
Golf Wrestling Tennis
Track & Field

If You Have a Tie:
As you know, we occasionally have ties, particularly in the individual sports. If this occurs, please give the provided award to one of the participants. We will order an additional award for the recipient that did not receive one at the tournament. Please let us know immediately if an additional award needs to be ordered to cover a tie. We will need to know all of the specifics for the award that is needed. We can either ship it to the school or directly to the student if you provide the address.

Errors, Damaged, or Missing Awards
Please inspect your awards as soon as they arrive. If there are any errors on the awards, or if any part of the award is broken or damaged, please let us know as soon as possible. We will have A&M ship you a replacement. The sooner you let us know, the more likely we will be able to get you what you need.