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NEW FOR 2018-19

Administrators signing in with their email addresses and not seeing any school options will first need to sign into the Portal with the master school account (School ID) and assign him/herself to their administration position (principal/AD) for the current 2018-19 school year.  To avoid this step in the future, an AD can assign themselves to their position in the Portal in the spring for the upcoming school year. That will ensure the individual account will continue to have access when the school year advances. The individuals shown on your school’s public directory page (high schools, middle schools) currently have access using their individual accounts.

Sport rules books previously mailed to the schools each year are now distributed electronically through the NFHS Rules App for iOS and Android.  Head coaches should sign into the Portal to request access to their rules book and view step-by-step instructions for getting started with the app.  Under the Resources menu, click Sport Rules Books and follow the prompts. More information can be found here.

The Homeschool Form is now online at part of the Portal.  The eligibility questionnaire will direct you to the form when necessary.

Eligibility options for Special Olympics Athletes are now part of the eligibility questionnaire in preparation for our newest sanctioned sport, Unified Track and Field.

The Membership Statement (Forms, New Form, Membership Statement) will record the sports your school will participate in during the upcoming school year and calculate membership dues and any other fees such as for non-faculty coaches and TIAAA memberships.  This will also provide you with a blank membership contract.  Complete this by August 1.

Submit the signed membership contract via file upload to the Portal (Forms, New Form, Signed Contract Upload) no later than August 1.  A printable, itemized invoice will be found in the Accounting area of the Portal (Accounting, Statement/Ledger) for the payments of dues and fees.  Membership dues must be paid by September 1.

On a related note, every school will be required to complete important actions in the Portal prior to accessing other features.  These requirements will include verifying school directory information, submitting signed membership contracts and selecting Principal (Head of School) and Athletic Director contacts on the Coaches & Staff page.  If an action is required, users will be shown a message and directed to the area of the Portal where the requirement can be fulfilled.  Full access will be restored after the required step is completed.  This may be an inconvenience to some coaches and administrators, but it will help ensure that all member schools provide needed items.

Have a question?  Chances are, there’s an answer for you in our new Portal Knowledge Base.  You’ll find help articles organized by topic, a powerful search feature and a contact form for asking questions.  The Need Help? button inside the Portal is also connected to the Knowledge Base to quickly get you the help you need.

Schools will use their School ID and Password from last year to access the system.

Coaches and administrators will use their email address and password to access the system to enter voucher information and complete online rules meetings. Your account will be created when your athletic director adds you to the school’s staff listing. You will receive an invitation email from the TSSAA Portal (portal@tssaa.org) with a link to set your password.

If you do not have an account or missed the invitation email, please contact your Athletic Director. Your AD can resend your invitation email if necessary (under Coaches & Staff, All Staff tab).

Sign into the Portal using your individual account (email address) and click Training, then Online Meetings.  To access rules meetings for a given sport a coach must be assigned to that sport on the school’s Coaches & Staff page. Athletic Directors may complete any and all online rules meetings.

Read more about the TSSAA Portal and see answers to frequently asked questions.

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