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NEW FOR 2015-16
Coaches signed in with their individual account (email address) are now able to maintain their teams’ schedules (varsity games only, please) and can add eligible students to their teams’ roster. Coaches will not have access to eligibility or core student records. Also, they must contact their athletic director if they need to remove a student from a roster.

School secretaries have the ability to sign in to view and submit forms.  Likewise, staff members assigned as bookkeeping clerks can access financial accounting and invoices.

Athletic directors can view a chart of all access privileges by selecting “Access Sharing” from the school selector menu.

Have a question?  Chances are, there’s an answer for you in our new Portal Knowledge Base.  You’ll find help articles organized by topic, a powerful search feature and a contact form for asking questions.  The Need Help? button inside the Portal is also connected to the Knowledge Base to quickly get you the help you need.

Schools will use their School ID and Password from last year to access the system.

Coaches and administrators will use their email address and password to access the system to enter voucher information and complete online rules meetings. Your account will be created when your athletic director adds you to the school’s staff listing. You will receive an invitation email from the TSSAA Portal (portal@tssaa.org) with a link to set your password.

If you do not have an account or missed the invitation email, please contact your Athletic Director. Your AD can resend your invitation email if necessary (under Coaches & Staff, All Staff tab).

Sign into the Portal using your individual account (email address) and click Training, then Online Meetings.  To access rules meetings for a given sport a coach must be assigned to that sport on the school’s Coaches & Staff page. Athletic Directors may complete any and all online rules meetings.

Read more about the new TSSAA Portal and see answers to frequently asked questions.

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Portal Log-In Instructions Video