Date: Saturday, December 7, 2019

Site: Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro, TN

Safety Guidelines: AACCA and UCA/UDA Articles of Understanding

Cost: Entry Fee -- $150.00 per squad (non-refundable); $10.00 spectator fee; $5.00 Parking

Forms: JV Registration Form; Varsity Registration Form; Medical Release Form; UDA Scoresheets

Lodging: Click here for hotel information.

Time: 7:00 AM Registration; Approx. 8:00 AM Competition

Competition Divisions:

  1. Small Varsity Division - Team is composed of 7-11 dancers performing.
  2. Medium Varsity Division - Team is composed of 12-15 dancers performing
  3. Large Varsity Division - Team is composed of 16 or more dancers performing.
  4. Jr. Varsity Division - Team is composed of no one on the varsity squad at this event.

Dance - A school may enter two of the categories below. All participants must be official members of the team.

Dance Categories

Jazz - A jazz routine should consist of a well-balanced mixture of difficulty, creativity, and good technique. Leap combinations and/or pirouettes can showcase the difficulty level of your dancers. When incorporating these skills, make sure proper technique is demonstrated. (For example, pirouettes should have correct arm placement, foot placement, spotting, and performed on releve. Leaps should have height, extended legs, correct arm placement, and pointed toes.) Creative choreography will capture an audience and judges attention (interesting group work, elements of surprise, transitions, themes, etc.) No props are allowed in this division. Having your own "style" and performing with synchronization is also important. A "style" will distinguish your team apart from the rest.

Pom - The most important characteristics of a pom routine is synchronization and visual effect. Your team should be synchronized to appear as "one". Motions should be very sharp, clean, and precise. A routine that is visually effective is extremely important. Visual effect includes level changes, group work, formation changes, and the use of poms. Poms must be used 80% of the time. No props are allowed in this division. Judges will remember a routine that is eye-catching from the beginning to the end. Keep in mind that pom routines carry a more "traditional" theme; whereas, jazz routines are more stylized.

Hip Hop - A hip hop routine should consist of the latest street style/funk dance moves with emphasis on execution, synchronization, body control and rhythm. Jazzy style movements should be kept to a minimum. No props are allowed in this division.

High Kick - The emphasis will be on synchronization, choreography, and technique. Each routine must have at least 50 kicks. It is suggested routines have more than fifty kicks to ensure meeting the minimum requirement. A kick is defined as one foot remaining on the floor while the other foot lifts with force at least one inch from the floor. No props. See the scoresheet for more information. EXCEPTION: Any time the leg extends at or above 90 degrees, contracts and extends again at or above 90 degrees, it will be fined as separate kicks. At least half of the team must execute a kick in order for it to be counted.