To promote fair competition and the health and safety of everyone involved, it is vital that school administrators and coaches are familiar with the information below and are purposeful in their application of the guidelines and requirements noted. Continued function of our schools' academic and athletic programs will take the combined, mindful efforts of everyone involved.

Bookmark this page and return often as additional information is posted through the 2021-22 school year.

Student-Athlete Participation Requirements

A pre-participation physical must be filed with the school office prior to a student-athlete participating in an official day of practice.

Preseason, Practice, and In-Season Competition

Demonstrating care and concern for reducing the spread of COVID-19 outside of competition will lower the likelihood that inter-school competition will be impacted by virus-related cancellations.

Please make sure that every individual in your athletic family are educated on the protocols listed below:

Additional Resources for Schools

Emergency Preparedness

Emergency preparedness is a key element in returning to participation. NFHS has recently released another free course entitled "The Collapsed Athlete." The course will teach staff members the importance of developing Emergency Action Plans and practicing them, including assigning responsibilities to team members.