We call your attention to this information pertaining to pre-game responsibilities. We are asking for your support in following these suggested guidelines.


The following announcements should be used prior to each round of the play-off rounds that you host:

  1. Welcome to tonight's ________ round of the TSSAA Football Play-Off series contest between _______________________ and _______________________. As member schools of the Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association, they remind you that sportsmanship and the objectives of educational athletics are what set this event apart from other levels of competition. Your cooperation and support of the values promoted by these two schools is appreciated.
  2. We are pleased to welcome you this evening to (Name of School). Good sportsmanship is one of the primary purposes of educational athletics. Our student athletes recognize that judgement calls are made in good faith and that they must abide by the decisions of the officials. Spectators can support their high school interscholastic program by refraining from derogatory or demeaning remarks or cheers. We hope you will enjoy the game and support your athletes in a positive and sportsmanlike manner.


The game administrators meeting shall be called by the Game Director for the football play-off series game. The meeting shall include the game administrators, both head coaches, the referee, and a representative of the security team. Use this as a time to remind all of their role and responsibilities for the contest.


We call to your attention the game administrators meeting that is being held on the field. This meeting includes, the game administrator of the host school, the two head coaches, the referee and a representative of the security team. Each is reviewing their responsibilities in this game. We ask that each spectator conduct themselves in a positive sportsmanlike manner. We encourage you to cheer for your team and thank you for your cooperation. Enjoy this evening and the game.