BRACKETS & SCHEDULE - The brackets, which are based on the Basketball Regulations, and schedule can be found on the TSSAA Championship website.

TICKETS AND CAPACITY LIMITS - General admission tickets are $12.00 per session. Due to COVID-19 capacity limits, tickets will be limited and Championship Event cards and TACA cards will not be accepted. Each participating school will receive a link for their allotment of tickets to be purchased through the GoFan online platform. No tickets will be sold on site. Schools should make plans for how to prioritize the distribution of the link to players’ families and other members of your school community.

MEDIA - All media requesting credentials should complete the online media request form.

A live telecast/videostream or tape delay broadcast of any state tournament game is NOT permitted. Live video coverage of every state tournament game will be provided by the NFHS Network.

PARKING - Team buses will be met with a police escort to transport them to the appropriate unloading and parking area for their game.

Parking for all other vehicles will be in the parking lot between Hooper Eblen Center and Tucker Stadium at a rate of $5 per vehicle per day. The parking fee is cash only and exact change is appreciated.

TEAM ENTRANCE - Participating teams will be directed from their bus directly to their locker room, either inside Hooper Eblen Center or in the adjacent Athletic Wellness Center. Teams should plan to arrive no earlier than one hour prior to their scheduled game time.

FLOOR PASSES - Upon arrival, teams will be given up to 7 floor passes for anyone who is on their bench who is not in uniform. All coaches, managers, medical personnel, statisticians, etc. must have a floor pass in order to move from the locker room to the playing area and vice versa. These floor passes are good during your game only.

COMPLIMENTARY TICKETS - Each school will receive admittance for 15 people to each tournament session in which they are participating. Please email a list with the 15 names of individuals that you wish to receive the complimentary admittance to Kim Alley at by 12:00 PM CST on Wednesday, March 3rd. This list will be available at the Pass Gate at the main entrance. Please tell the individuals on this list that they can only gain entry into the arena at the Pass Gate. Teams that do not email a list by this deadline will not receive any complimentary tickets for their first game. All teams who win their first game will use the same list of 15 names at the pass gate for their championship game on Saturday. Please remember that everyone must have a ticket, be on the pass list, or arrive in the team party in order to enter the facility.

LINE-UP SHEETS - Line-up sheets must be completed and turned in at the team entrance gate when you arrive at the tournament site. Please make enough copies for use in all games in the tournament. List all players in numerical order. The starters should be listed first, followed by the non-starters.

The line-up sheet must be turned in at the team entrance gate prior to each game.

BENCH AREA - There will be 16 chairs on each bench. Fifteen players may dress for the game. Anyone on the bench that is not a player in uniform must be wearing a floor pass. Chairs in the bench area are for the following only: players not participating, coaches who are full-time employees of your local board of education or are non-faculty coaches who are registered with TSSAA, students who are serving as managers or statisticians, and medical personnel. No one else will be allowed in your bench area. There will be one additional seat at the scorer's table for your scorekeeper.

Water will be provided at each bench. However, you should bring your own towels for the bench area and also for use in the locker room.

TEAM BENCH LOCATION AND BRACKETS - The top team in each bracket is the home team and will wear white jerseys. The bottom team in each bracket is the visiting team and will wear dark jerseys. As you stand at mid-court and face the scorer's table, the home team bench will be on the right and the visiting team bench will be on the left. The game ball for the Girls' Basketball State Tournament is the Wilson NCAA Official Game Ball WTB0701 and the game ball for the Boys' Basketball State Tournament is the Wilson NCAA Official Game Ball WTB0700.

STARTING TIMES AND WARM-UPS - Please refer to the tournament bracket for the starting times for each game. No game will start earlier than the posted starting time.

Teams participating in the first game of each session may come on the floor no earlier than 30 minutes prior to the starting time. Each team is guaranteed a minimum of 15 minutes warm-up time

Balls for warm-ups will be furnished. Only the two teams participating in a game may warm up prior to the game or at half-time of that game

Auxiliary gyms in the Athletic Wellness Center will be available for teams participating in the second game of each session

GAME ADMINISTRATOR'S MEETING, NATIONAL ANTHEM, STARTING LINE-UPS - Prior to the starting time, there will be a game administrator's meeting at the mid-court area with both head coaches, referee, head of security, and the game administrator. The game administrator will be responsible for the meeting. At 0:00 on the clock, the teams will go to the bench area and there will be the National Anthem and introduction of starting line-ups. The National Anthem will be played prior to the beginning of each day.

In all semifinal games, all players will be introduced. Substitutes will be introduced first and they are asked to go to the free throw line. Following the introduction of the substitutes from both teams, the starters will be introduced on an alternating basis. Each starter is asked to go to the free throw line. Following the introduction of starters, the head coaches will be introduced. Under the current COVID modifications, there shall be no handshakes, fist bumps, or other contact with the officials, coaches, or members of the opposing team

In the finals we will follow the same procedure, with the exception that the substitutes will not be introduced

CHEERING SECTIONS AND CHEERLEADERS - The arena is open to general admission seating with appropriate social distancing, but it will be divided into quadrants to create a designated cheering section for each school. Signage will be posted informing spectators of which quadrant they should sit in. For the first game of each session, the home team fans should sit in sections L, M and N and the visiting team fans should sit in sections E, F, and G (as well as the corresponding upper levels behind those sections). For the second game of each session, the home team fans should sit in sections A, B, and C and the visiting team fans should sit in sections H, I, and J (as well as the corresponding upper levels behind those sections).

A maximum of sixteen cheerleaders in uniform, one mascot, and two cheer coaches will be admitted at no charge at the pass gate at the main entrance during sessions in which your team is playing. Any school bringing more than 16 cheerleaders must purchase tickets from their allotment for the additional cheerleaders.

Cheerleaders will not be allowed on the floor but will be granted access to the first two rows of their cheering section. This will be rows A and B of section M for the home team and section F for the visiting team during the first game of the session, and rows A and B of section B for the home team and section I for the visiting team during the second game of the session.

The cheer coach and all cheerleaders are reminded that we expect them to set a positive tone for their cheering sections. A member of the TSSAA staff will meet with the cheerleaders and cheer coach prior to the start of their first game in the tournament. A spirit award will be given to the cheer squad that follows instructions during the week and displays outstanding spirit during the tournament.

In the cheering sections there can be no large hand-held signs or large flags, no confetti, no miniature basketballs to be thrown out, and no noisemakers.

PEP BANDS - In accordance with our COVID-19 Sports Regulations, pep bands will not be permitted to attend this year.


  • Noisemakers (examples are, but not limited to, air horns, cowbells, sirens, clackers, jugs or milk cartons filled with rocks or pennies, etc.)
  • Balloons
  • Confetti
  • Electrical Instruments
  • Thundersticks
  • Large signs or flags (There is very limited space in the arena for signs to be hung. Signs may not be hung in any area that would interfere with the view of fans.)
  • Powder

VIDEOTAPING - Each school will be allowed to have one representative tape during their game only. Video cameras on tripods may be set up in designated areas only. No tripods will be allowed in the stands or on the playing floor. Championship games will be broadcast on live television. No video recording will be allowed during the championship games.

PRESS AREA AFTER GAME - Immediately following the game and congratulations to the opposing teams and coaches, press interviews will be conducted one team at a time. A member of our staff will escort the winning head coach and selected players to the media room immediately following the game. The losing team’s head coach and selected players will be escorted to the media room approximately 10 minutes later.

Please recognize that this is a very important time in the educational process for all the student-athletes involved in our program, regardless of whether the team wins or loses. We ask all coaches to be aware that each coach will receive only a small amount of quotes in the morning papers, on radio, and on television. Please use the opportunity to say something positive about your student-athletes, your program, and high school basketball in the state of Tennessee.

We request that you wait until you get to the press area before granting any interviews. All media have been informed of this policy

SPORTS MEDICINE - The Vanderbilt Sports Medicine staff will be present at all games and will be of assistance to you 30 minutes prior to the game. If you need players taped or wrapped, please bring the necessary tape or wrap.

PRACTICE - There shall be no practice at Hooper Eblen Center prior to or during the Basketball State Championships.

HOTEL INFORMATION - Download Hotel Information.