1. Dates / Times / Sites - The Executive Director of TSSAA shall set the sectional site in the area of the regional winner. In order to be considered as a sectional site, the facility must meet the following seating criteria: Class A - 1,000; Class AA - 1,250; Class AAA - 1,500. These are to be permanent seats and based on 18" width. The girls' sectional game shall be Saturday, March 6, 2021, at 7:00 p.m. local time. The boys' sectional game shall be Monday, March 8, 2021, at 7:00 p.m. local time. Boys' and Girls' sectional pairings and results will be posted on the TSSAA State Championship Site.
  2. Uniforms - The regional winner will wear white jerseys and shall be designated the home team on the scoreboard. (This applies regardless of the site of the game.)
  3. Game Director's Responsibilities
    1. Arrange for timer, scorekeeper and P.A. announcer. If requested, the host school MUST provide space at the scorers table for the visiting scorekeeper to sit next to the official scorekeeper.
    2. Arrange for ticket sellers and ticket takers.
    3. Make necessary arrangements for press and radio.
      • Daily and local newspaper covering your game should be allowed passes.
      • Weekly newspapers from the town of the participating team should be allowed two passes.
      • Only radio stations that are broadcasting your game will be allowed passes and that number is limited to two.
      • Television newsmen should be allowed access to the game. They are allowed to take news footage.
      • Permission to telecast live any sectional game must be approved by the TSSAA Board of Control. Permission to tape a sectional game for replay the next day may be granted by the Game Director provided the Game Director has space to accommodate the TV or Cable station. Before taping will be allowed, the station must pay the Game Director a fee of $250 which will be considered as part of the game receipts.
  4. Tickets and Passes:
    1. All tickets are general admission and are priced at $7.00. All host schools are strongly encouraged to use GoFan online ticket sales exclusively for their event. Using GoFan allows schools to not oversell tickets for the events with the capacity limits and eases ticket distribution to the visiting team, while also offering easy solutions in the event there is a need for refunds or contact tracing.
      1. Host schools are responsible for the distribution of tickets. They can contact GoFan directly to set up online tickets or use paper tickets at their site.
      2. In the event paper tickets are used instead of GoFan, the visiting team shall have the opportunity to receive 50% of the available tickets. Money and unsold tickets must be returned before the deadline established by the host school.
    2. Per TSSAA Covid-19 Guidelines, each host school is responsible for restricting their attendance to a maximum of 1/3 of the established capacity of their venue. TSSAA has provided GoFan with the host school's gym capacity and they will help you calculate how many tickets you will be able to sell.
    4. Since capacity limits are in place, schools will not be obligated to accept the TACA and TSSAA Championship Event Cards. If accepted, the TSSAA Championship Event Card will provide complimentary admittance for the sectional basketball games. Each member school received two event cards. This card admits ONLY ONE PERSON PER CARD. If accepted, the Tennessee Athletic Coaches Association (TACA) card will also provide complimentary admittance for the sectional basketball games. The TACA card admits ONLY ONE PERSON PER CARD.
    5. Instead of issuing 25 team passes, each participating team shall use a pass list containing the names of the 25 individuals they want admitted free of charge. The pass list must include all players, managers, coaches, cheerleading coach, bus driver, and other school officials.
    6. Sixteen cheerleaders in uniform and one mascot will be admitted at no charge at the players' pass gate. The cheer coach should have a ticket or be listed on the participating team's pass list.
  5. Game Officials - Officials shall be assigned by the state office. The officials assigned to the sectional game shall come from an association that does not service either school unless both schools use the same association. The Assigning Officer of the officials crew will contact the school with the officials' names and game fees due to each official working the contest. The Assigning Officers will also be able to provide the proper information so that the host school can issue checks.
  6. Dressing Rooms - The game director is responsible for assigning dressing rooms for teams and game officials.
  7. Game Administrators Meeting - The game administrators meeting shall be called by the Game Director. The meeting shall include the game administrators, both head coaches, the referee, and a representative of the security team. Use this as a time to remind all of their role and responsibilities for the contest.
  8. Mercy Rule - In the fourth quarter, there is a mandated continuous clock when one team gets a 35 point advantage over their opponent. The clock would only stop for shooting fouls, timeouts, injuries, and the administration of technical fouls. The clock will continue to run for the remainder of the game, regardless of the point differential.
  9. Practice - There shall be no practice at the game site. (Exception to this would be if a team uses the game site as its regular practice site.)
  10. Concessions - The game director is responsible for making arrangements for concessions. Profits from the concessions will go to the host school or to those appointed by the game director to handle concessions. In addition, there shall be no hospitality room.
  11. Security - The game director is responsible for arranging for an adequate number of law enforcement officers and guards.
  12. Game Balls - The game ball shall be furnished by the host school.
  13. Financial Arrangements / Reporting - The game director is required to complete and submit the financial report to TSSAA through the TSSAA Portal. The formula for distribution of gross gate receipts shall be as follows:
    30% of gross to host school; 30% of gross to visiting school; and 40% of gross less payment for the game officials to TSSAA
    The host school will be responsible for site expenses out of their 30% and the visiting school will be responsible for traveling expenses out of their 30%. The host school shall be responsible for the payment of game officials. Payment for the officials will be taken from the 40% of the gross gate receipts due to TSSAA. All checks for district, regional, and sectional tournaments and playoffs must be distributed within 10 business days of the completion of the tournament or game. Failure to do so will result in a $100.00 late fee to be paid to TSSAA and is to be used in the A.F. Bridges sportsmanship program to go to schools or students receiving awards. Failure to distribute funds within 20 business days will result in an additional $200 late fee (total $300.00). Failure to distribute funds within 40 business days will result in an additional $200.00 late fee (total $500.00). The school may not host any tournament or playoff until the principal or athletic director appears before the Board of Control to explain their reasons for not distributing the checks within the required time frame. The Board would then determine whether the school can host tournaments or playoffs in the future.
  14. Video Taping/Filming - Video taping or filming of any high school game is permitted as long as taping or filming is for private use and not for public or commercial use. Video taping or filming must be done from the individual's seat. Individuals will not be allowed to stand or use tripods. A school will not be allowed to tape or film a game unless its team is involved in the game. All taping or filming must be approved by the Game Director. Rules governing videostreaming or other broadcast of a postseason contest are found in the TSSAA Media Regulations.
  15. Items Not Permitted at the Sectional Basketball Game
    • Noisemakers (Examples are, but not limited to, air horns, cowbells, sirens, clackers, jugs or milk cartons filled with rocks or pennies, etc.)
    • Balloons
    • Confetti
    • Electrical Instruments
    • Thundersticks
    • Large Signs or Flags
    • Powder
  16. State Tournament Program - The deadline to submit your team's information for the State Basketball Tournament program, should your team qualify, is MARCH 6, 2021. Download Instructions