Information for Directors of State Wrestling Qualifying Tournaments

Region Wrestling Distribution List / Conference Call Line

Your school has access to an email distribution list and conference call line that is unique to your region through the TSSAA Portal.  Instructions for accessing this system are as follows:

  1. Sign into the Portal with the master school account or an individual account that has been assigned a role at a member school. The active school must be shown at the top of the page.
  2. On the main menu, click “Sport,” then choose “Memberships.” The classification breakdown for each sport will be shown.
  3. Click the blue “Members” button to see the group’s members, distribution lists and teleconference information.

Distribution lists: For each group (district/region/section), easily print or browse a directory of all member schools.  The listing includes each school’s name, location, main office phone number, and the names of the athletic director and head coach for the sport.  Links to the school’s directory page, as well as email links for the athletic director and head coach contacts are all included.  Below the list of schools is an area that provides simple distribution lists for the head coaches and athletic directors shown.  The list of addresses can be copied into an email, allowing schools to effortlessly send a message to an entire district or region at once.

Teleconferencing: Each group (district/region/section) has been assigned a phone conference room/code that is reserved for the use of the group when needed.  This feature is being made available at no cost to the schools.  Districts and regions can use this feature to conduct a phone conference prior to each tournament, allowing tournament directors to share important logistical information about the tournament and venue with visiting schools and answer any questions prior to the event.



Tournaments must be run on the TrackWrestling Tournament software.  The results of the tournament will be used to populate the TSSAA State Wrestling Tournament brackets.  Individuals who will be running the qualifying tournament with the TrackWrestling software will receive updates periodically about how to set up your tournament in the TrackWrestling system.


Deadlines for Entry to Qualifying Tournaments

Deadlines for entry to the region tournament shall be determined by each region’s tournament director.  Alternate entries may be accommodated if entered prior to the tournament director’s established deadline.


Seeding Meeting

Each region should communicate the time and location of the seeding meeting as soon as it can be determined.   We encourage each region to use the TrackWrestling seeding program as its baseline for seeding the qualifying tournament.  Each school must declare who will represent their school in a weight class before the conclusion of the seeding meeting.  An alternate entry may be accommodated if entered prior to the establish deadline, but should not be permitted to disrupt the already established seeding of the qualifying tournament.  Any change in seeding by entry of an alternate wrestler should be discussed and settled prior to the conclusion of the seeding meeting.


Weight Allowance for Consecutive Days of Competition/Inclement Weather

Practices that are postponed for one calendar day or more, for reasons beyond the control of the participating schools, due to school policy shall be treated the same as competitions when there are consecutive days of competition in terms of the 1-pound allowance, with the exception of the required 48-hour notice.

Weight allowance for inclement weather will not be granted at the TSSAA State Championships.


Tournament Financial Information

Admission: TSSAA does not set ticket prices for regional wrestling tournaments.

Financial Report: Article IV Section 11 of the TSSAA Bylaws requires 18% of the gross proceeds of any regional wrestling tournament be paid to TSSAA.  The financial form for the Regional Wrestling Tournament is to be filled out on the TSSAA Portal.  You can access this form under “Forms” > “New Form” >”Postseason Tournament Financial Reports” > “Wrestling”.   If you are not able to access this form, please check with your Athletic Director, Principal, or Bookkeeper as they should have the proper permissions on the TSSAA Portal.

Revenue Sharing: Once schools have paid the 18% to TSSAA and all other expenses, extra revenue may be kept by the host school, or distributed equally among the participating schools.  The region shall decide which method is used.


Tournament Awards

Awards for the Regional Wrestling tournaments have been shipped to the following individuals:

Class Region School Head Coach
AAA Individuals 1 Dobyns Bennett High School Buzzy Mann
AAA Individuals 2 Clinton High School Michael Puckett
AAA Individuals 3 Seymour High School Derek Harrison
AAA Individuals 4 East Hamilton High School Ryan Cooper
AAA Individuals 5 Tullahoma High School Al Morris
AAA Individuals 6 Independence High School Jared Grindstaff
AAA Individuals 7 Mt. Juliet High School Brad Mattingly
AAA Individuals 8 Arlington High School Jonathan Simpson
A-AA Individuals 1 Chuckey-Doak High School Michael Mould
A-AA Individuals 2 Signal Mountain High School Joe Jellison
A-AA Individuals 3 Page High School Benji Gray
DII Individuals West Christian Brothers High School Chris Lewis
DII Individuals East McCallie School Mike Newman
Girls East Northview Academy Brad Justus
Girls West Nolensville High School Josh Peck


Officials Fees

TSSAA does not set fees for officials for wrestling tournaments.  Fees are negotiated between the local officials association and the member school hosting the event.