TSSAA Legislative Council Minutes – March 2016

March 16, 2016
Murfreesboro, TN

  1. Roll Call
  2. Approved Minutes of Last Meeting
  3. Old Business
    1. Approved change to the definition of “Open Facilities”
      Open Facilities Definition changed to read: Permitted year round (Monday through Friday) except during the Dead Period. Schools may use their facilities for students in their building prior to or after the school day. Coaches may serve in a supervisory capacity only. There is no instruction, no teaching, no coaching, etc. Coaches may not participate or play in any manner. It is a free play type atmosphere. Sport specific skills cannot be taught. ATTENDANCE CANNOT BE MANDATORY.
    2. Denied proposed change to Article III and Article IV of the TSSAA Constitution
      Tennessee High School is requesting that the Legislative Council amend Article III and IV of the TSSAA Constitution to allow three Directors of School (one from each Grand Division) to be elected by the membership as voting members of the TSSAA Board of Control and Legislative Council. The TSSAA staff has worked on the language for these proposed amendments and will explain.
  4. New Business
    1. Approved proposed change by Hillwood High School to Article II, Section 13 (Ineligible Transfer Students) of the TSSAA Bylaws
      If the student has an athletic record for the previous or current school year in any TSSAA sanctioned sport, the student will be ineligible to participate in the sport(s) in which an athletic record has been established. Thereafter, enrollment in another school without a bona-fide change of residence will cause the student to be ineligible for 12 months in all TSSAA sanctioned sports from the date of enrollment. The twelve months ineligibility provision from the last date of participation will still apply to the student athlete in the sport(s) in which the student established an athletic record.
    2. Approved the proposed waiver of Article II, Section 21 (TMSAA Independent-Game Participation)
      The waiver is effective immediately for a one-year period for all sports, with the exception of football and basketball. The TMSAA Committee will make a recommendation next March to the Legislative Council after reviewing the trial year.
    3. Voted to table proposed addition to Article III, Section 7B(1) (Student Athletes Ejected for Unsportsmanlike Conduct in Football)Instructed the state office to work with TACA and the Football Coaches Association to further study all potential options to deal with targeting.Proposal: Student-athletes ejected for unsportsmanlike behavior in football receive a one game suspension. Proposed change is that any student-athlete ejected for targeting be given a two game suspension.
    4. Denied proposed change in Article IV, Section 8 (TSSAA Sports Calendar) of the TSSAA Bylaws by Oakland High School
      1. Redefine definition of off-season to read as follows: Begins with the school’s elimination from post-season tournament play in a particular sport and concludes with the end of that semester.
      2. Starting in the next semester after the off-season, the Open Facilities rule is changed to allow instruction and teaching of sport specific skills by coaches for a 90-minute period per day. No pads are permitted. Helmets may be worn. ATTENDANCE CANNOT BE MANDATORY.
      3. Starting in the next semester after the off-season, the Weight Training/Conditioning rules are changed to allow sports specific weight training/conditioning for all sports and all positions, not just for baseball and softball. ATTENDANCE CANNOT BE MANDATORY.