TSSAA Board of Control Minutes – June 2015

June 9-10, 2015
Murfreesboro, TN

1.  Roll Call

2.  Approved Minutes of Last Meeting

3.  Voted to give the state office permission to conduct the Regional and State Volleyball Tournament draw.

4.  Approved the Financial Report of the 2015 Basketball Tournament Series

5.  Approved the Financial Report of the 2015 Wrestling Tournament Series

6.  Reviewed the Report of the 2015 Athletic Directors Conference

7.  Reviewed the Report of the 2015 Cheer Coaches Conference

8.  Reviewed the Report of the District and Regional Coordinators

9.  Approved the Sportsmanship Report of the 2014-15 School Year

This completes the 24th year of the sportsmanship program and we continue to approach this area from many different aspects each year.  A full report is always given to the Board of Control by the staff in regard to the number of coaches ejected, disciplinary action, unsportsmanlike incidents investigated, etc.  The 20th year of the A. F. Bridges Program was also reviewed.

The Board voted to continue to provide $1,000 scholarships to student-athletes at the 27 schools that are annually selected as A.F. Bridges Award winners.

10. Approved the Division II Need-Based Financial Aid Final Report

11. Discussed the Administrators’ Meeting Schedule and Agenda

12. Heard update regarding the collection of information regarding regional basketball tournament sites.

13. Reviewed the Division I and Division II 2015 State Basketball Tournament Allotments

14.  Heard update regarding partnership with PlayOn Sports and the NFHS Network

15.  Approved the new media regulations for the 2015-16 school year.  Changes is regulations speak to broadcast rights of schools that are members of the School Broadcast Program within the NFHS Network.

16.  Heard an Update from the TSSAA Sports Medicine Advisory.

17.  Voted that (a) TSSAA continue to print the TSSAA Directory and TACA pay expenses and shipping.  (b) TACA would be allowed to print one card that will be good at our championship events all year with picture ID required and one person allowed free admittance.  (c) TACA will have a representative at the gates to help with disrespectful coaches.  (d) All passes must be sent to the Athletic Director of the School.  No passes should be sent to an individual’s home address.

18.  Heard an update regarding agreement with Huddle, Inc. who provides the tickets for championship events.  The Governor’s Highway Safety Office has paid $80,000 for all of our TSSAA member schools to be able to get their tickets free.  Ninety percent of our schools currently use Huddle Tickets.  We have completed the third year of a three-year agreement and are in discussions with Huddle, Inc. regarding a new contract.

19. Heard Update from the DII Committee Meeting

20. Voted to extend contract with the Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce to Host the Girls’ State Soccer Championships for 2015 and 2016.

21. Heard an Update regarding Sudden Cardiac Death Legislation that mirrors the Concussion Bill.  All coaches must have sudden cardiac arrest training yearly.  Parents and student-athletes must receive education annually and sign off on forms, stating they have received all of the information concerning sudden cardiac arrest.

22. Approved the request by Dayspring Academy for membership in TSSAA/TMSAA.

Dayspring Academy is a private school in Greenbrier, TN. It has a current enrollment of approximately 100 students in Preschool through grade 12.  The school plans to participate in basketball, soccer, bowling, and cross country.  They are also interested in co-oping with a local school in baseball and softball.  Dayspring Academy will be placed in DI, Class A, competing in District 10, Region 5 in high school basketball.  The school will compete in DI A-AA, District 10, Region 5 in high school cross country and soccer.  Dayspring will be in District 13, Region 6 for high school bowling.

23.  Approved the Official’s Evaluation Form that coaches in all sports will be able to complete on the Arbiter and submit to their local Assignor or Supervisor.  Coaches will not be able to complete the survey until 24 hours after the game.

24.  Voted to set post-season tournament admission fees in Soccer at the region tournament level as the same as baseball and softball.

25.  Approved the Division II, Class A Football Bracket for 2015 and 2016.

26. Denied the request by District 12 AAA to change District Basketball Tournament Format.  They requested to be allowed to play three games per night on Tuesday and Wednesday during their tournament next year.

27.  Approved the request by Region 6 AAA for change in Region Basketball Tournament Format.  They requested to be allowed to play their regional tournament at one site the next two years.

28.  Approved request by Natchez Trace Youth Academy for TSSAA Membership.

Natchez Trace Youth Academy is a Category 1-SP non-public school for boys in grades 7-12.  It is a year round residential treatment facility in Waverly.  They currently have 72 students enrolled in grades 9-12.  They plan to participate in basketball and football.  They will not be eligible for the football playoffs until the 2017-2018 school year due to regional scheduling conflicts.  NTYA will be placed in Division I, Class A, District 12 in basketball, baseball, softball, and volleyball and Division I, Class A-AA, District 12 in all other sports.

29.  Heard an update regarding the Football Limited Contact Meetings that were held across the state in April. Voted to fine the 8 Middle Schools $50 that did not attend the mandatory meetings and if they do not meet with staff at the upcoming football rules meetings, their football program will be shut down.

30. Heard an update regarding the District and Region Coordinator program.  This will no longer exist, but the state office will work to identify “Awards Coordinators” in areas across the state that will assist in getting information so that districts and regions will receive the awards for their tournaments throughout the year.