TSSAA Board of Control Agenda – January 2016

January 14, 2016
Hermitage, TN

  1. Roll Call
  2. Approval of Minutes
  3. Financial Report of the 2015 Boys’ and Girls’ State Golf Tournaments
  4. Financial Report of the 2015 Girls’ Volleyball Tournaments
  5. Financial Report of the 2015 Girls’ Soccer Tournaments
  6. Financial Report of the 2015 State Cross Country Meet
  7. Financial Report of the 2015 Cheer and Dance Competition
  8. Financial Report of the 2015 Football Playoffs
    In the event the Financial Report for the 2015 Football Playoffs has not been completed by January 14, we will present this to the Board once it is finalized.
  9. 2016-17 & 2017-18 TSSAA Calendars
  10. Drawing for the Regional and State Tennis Tournaments
  11. Action of the Legislative Council
    The minutes of the December 9, 2015, Legislative Council Meeting will be discussed with the Board.
  12. Tennessee Sports Medicine Advisory Committee & NFHS Concussion Summit
    Board members will be provided with an updated of the Minutes from the committee’s October 21st meeting..
  13. Soccer Post-Season Field Dimension Requirements
  14. Technology Update
    Bradley Lambert, TSSAA Technology Director, will demonstrate a new feature on the TSSAA Portal for Board members.
  15. McKenzie High School Requests Change to the Classification Timeline
    McKenzie High School submitted a proposal to reclassify schools every two years instead of every four years.
  16. Golf Proposal from the Seven Schools in Clarksville-Montgomery County
    The seven schools in Clarksville-Montgomery County have proposed to allow schools with enough individual qualifiers in the state tournament to have a qualifying team score (2 girls or 4 boys) to participate in the team portion of the state tournament even if they did not win the regional championship.
  17. Closing of Jackson Central Merry Academy of Medical Technology (JCM)
    We received unofficial word that the Madison County Board of Education voted to close JCM at the end of the 2015-16 school year.  This has not been officially reported in writing to the state office.  A memo that will be sent to all schools affected as soon as our office is officially notified will be discussed and shared with the Board.
  18. Girls’ Soccer Update (Independent Game Participation)
  19. Litigation Report
  20. Hardship Appeals
  21. Change to Media Regulations