1999 Class AAA State Golf Tournament
Henry Horton State Park, Chapel Hill, Tennessee
October 13, 1999



Courtney Wood Wins Second State Title;
Cookeville Wins In Playoff

CHAPEL HILL- - -Brentwood High School’s Courtney Wood shot one over par on the final day of competition at the AAA state tournament to finish with a score of 147 and win her second consecutive individual state title. Her two-day total of 147 was the lowest girl’s state tournament score at Henry Horton State Park. She broke the lowest total at, which she set last year with a score of 149. She finished seven strokes ahead of runner-up Laura McCaslin from Cookeville. McCaslin combined with teammate Kristen Fletcher, who finished tied for fifth with a 159, to give Cookeville a team score of 313.

Wood combined with teammate Abby Goodrich’s score of 166 to give the team a score of 313, which put them in a tie for first and forced a playoff with Cookeville for the team championship.

Fletcher and McCaslin each shot par in the playoff to give Cookeville the championship. Brittany Beard of Brentwood shot a par and Courtney Wood shot a bogey.

Mary Elizabeth Brice from Tullahoma, last year’s runner-up, finished tied with McCaslin for this year’s runner-up position. They both finished with a 154, seven strokes behind Wood.

Sarah Bonner from Dobyns Bennett finished in fourth place with a score of 157. Elizabeth Agee of Dyersburg and Kristen Fletcher of Cookeville both shot a 159 to tie for fifth place.


Cookeville 313*, Brentwood 313, Dobyns Bennett 321, Germantown 330, Soddy Daisy 341, Dyersburg 346, Henry County 354, Powell 373.

*Won in playoff.


Courtney Wood, Brentwood                73-74--147
Laura McCaslin, Cookeville              75-79--154
Mary Elizabeth Brice, Tullahoma         77-77--154
Sarah Bonner, Dobyns Bennett            76-81--157
Kristen Fletcher, Cookeville            82-77--159
Elizabeth Agee, Dyersburg               80-79--159
Julie Smith, David Crockett             77-83--160
Robin McCarly, Science Hill             82-78--160
Megan French, Riverdale                 80-81--161
Beth Irwin, Germantown                  81-82--163
Meredith Watkins, Henry County          81-82--163
Polly Reddick, Dobyns Bennett           85-79--164
Rachel Smith, Karns                     84-80--164
Abby Goodrich, Brentwood                82-84--166
Lyn Mantooth, Franklin County           83-83--166
Beth Underhill, Warren County           78-88--166
Kemmerlee Pennington, Cumberland County 82-85--167
Jessica Lovell, Germantown              84-83--167
Holly Cantwell, Morristown West         85-82--167
Ashley Harris, Soddy Daisy              82-85--167
Crystal Brewer, Red Bank                90-80--170
Amy Bass, Bearden                       81-90--171
Amanda Harter, Soddy Daisy              87-87--174
Morgan Hannah, Centennial               85-91--176
Katie Davis, Cumberland County          89-87--176
Katie Jo Sinarrd, Jefferson County      88-88--176
Shelly Green, Clarksville               93-84--177
Brooke Goodman, McGavock                89-88--177
Brittney Beard, Brentwood               90-97--187
Chrissy Bryant, Northeast               93-94--187
Brooke Robbins, Powell                  91-96--187
Ashley Richardson, Sevier County        94-93--187
Lauren Wallace, Dyersburg               97-91--188
Kelly Smith, Powell                     89-99--188
Sarah Bright Tipton, Haywood            88-101--189
Rachel Bellamy, Cheatham County         98-92--190
Susan Rhea, Dickson County              94-97--191
Jacqueline Cooper, Dobyns Bennett       93-98--191
Lindsey Caldwell, Henry County          98-93--191
Daniell Maxwell, Cookeville             99-93--192
McKenzie Chandler, Haywood              92-101--193
Rachel Sanders, Powell                  102-97--199
Melanie Adams, Bolton                   99-102--201
Jennifer Armstrong, Hillsboro           103-98--201
Julie Bennett, Henry County             99-104--203
Lisa Frederick, Germantown              96-109--205
Carolyn Raggett, Stratford              109-96--205
Ginger Butler, Central-Merry            103-103--206
Vivian Jaynes, Memphis Central          103-104--207
Jessica Talkington, Houston             98-111--209
Lindsey Harrison, Collierville          107-106--213
Kari Keen, McMinn County                110-112--222
Megan Madden, Dyersburg                 110-114--224
Lindsey Williams, Soddy Daisy           125-124--249
Heather Humphreys, Knoxville Halls      98-WD--WD
Camille Reilly, Collierville            105-WD--WD


Andy Vaughn Shoots Eight Under Par To Win State Title
and Leads Oakland to Win Over McMinn County In Playoff

Andy Vaughn shot one under par on the final day of competition to give him a two-day total of 136, the second best score in boys’ state tournament history. He finished four strokes ahead of Willie Daniels from Tullahoma, who shot two under par both days of the tournament. Vaughn’s score helped lead his team to a team total of 599, which put them in a tie with last year’s champion, McMinn County.

Oakland made four pars on the second playoff hole to defeat McMinn. This was only the second team playoff in state tournament history, and Oakland’s first team championship.

McMinn County, who won last year’s team championship by defeating Bartlett in the first ever playoff for the boys’ team competition at the state, was led by Andy Burris, who finished tied for sixth with a score of 145 with Brandon Skeen of Jefferson County.

Hunter Williams of Centennial shot a 71 both days of the tournament to give him a third place finish, just six strokes behind Vaughn. Tyler Keister of Morristown West and Eric Anderson of Dickson County each shot a 144 to finish tied for fourth place.


Oakland 599**, McMinn County 599, Morristown West 602, Centennial 612, Clarksville 615, White Station 618, Knoxville West 620, Bartlett 639.

**Won on Second Playoff Hole.


Andy Vaughn, Oakland                         65-71--136
Willie Daniels, Tullahoma                    70-70--140
Hunter Williams, Centennial                  71-71--142
Tyler Keister, Morristown West               73-71--144
Eric Anderson, Dickson County                70-74--144
Brandon Skeen, Jefferson County              70-75--145
Andy Burris, McMinn County                   71-74--145
Jonathan Walker, Franklin County             75-71--146
Sean Rice, Hillwood                          72-75--147
Major Sharpe, Knoxville West                 70-77--147
Jonathan Mullins, Farragut                   74-74--148
B.J. Rea, Germantown                         76-72--148
Josh Newsom, Mt. Juliet                      72-77--149
Clayton Ellis, White Station                 71-78--149
Brent Mahoney, McMinn County                 77-72--149
David Rickman, Hardin County                 76-74--150
Nick Overbay, Morristown West                75-76--151
Kenny Green, Clarksville                     74-77--151
Brandon Cissom, Bradley Central              77-74--151
Ryan Zeiger, Tennessee                       76-76--152
John Brannen, Clarksville                    75-77--152
Jeremy Daniels, Morristown West              77-75--152
Bret Fisher, Clarksville                     74-78--152
Blake Bivens, McMinn County                  77-75--152
Steve Kline, Oakland                         77-76--153
Mark Loving, Collierville                    80-73--153
Joel Mallard, Gallatin                       74-79--153
Joel Loftis, McMinn County                   77-76--153
Hunter Trimble, Tullahoma                    72-81--153
Andy Heiman, Brentwood                       75-78--153
Thurston Farrar, Shelbyville                 81-73--154
Steve Ruta, Centennial                       77-77--154
Steve McDonald, Centennial                   78-76--154
Spencer Provow, Oakland                      77-77--154
Chase Weldon, Bolton                         75-79--154
Zac Forsey, Morristown West                  79-76--155
Trey McNeil, Dyersburg                       79-76--155
Paul Warren, Hendersonville                  80-75--155
Matt Burton, White Station                   74-81--155
Wesley Williams, Brentwood                   78-78--156
Stuart Oakes, Knoxville West                 81-75--156
Rusty Phillips, White Station                79-77--156
Paul Helle, Bearden                          75-81--156
Andrew Poore, Powell                         77-79--156
Travis Hopkins, Elizabethton                 81-76--157
Michael Bridges, Cleveland                   75-82--157
Matt Lufkin, Oakland                         77-80--157
Doug Edwards, Brentwood                      79-78--157
Brian Migas, Knoxville West                  73-84--157
Josh Ross, Bartlett                          77-81--158
Zack Primm, Oakland                          80-79--159
Ryan Kragel, Morristown West                 80-79--159
J.P. Thornton, White Station                 80-79--159
Brent McMahan, Sevier County                 74-85--159
Shawn Fort, Bartlett                         81-79--160
Matt Durand, Bartlett                        81-79--160
Dusty Sykes, White Station                   79-81--160
Ben Reed, Clarksville                        81-79--160
Justin Martindale, Collierville              76-85--161
Brian Willhite, Collierville                 79-82--161
Andy Erickson, Knoxville West                79-82--161
Justin Jeffers, Greeneville                  83-79--162
Curt King, Central-Merry                     79-83--162
Brad Murchison, Bartlett                     83-79--162
Brad Davis, Cumberland County                79-83--162
Kip Smith, Centennial                        80-83--163
Matt Stephens, McMinn County                 79-85--164
Seth Morford, Clarksville                    85-80--165
Jason Watson, Knoxville West                 82-83--165
David Olinger, Centennial                    83-82--165
Landon Tate, Bartlett                        82-94--176
Wes Rackley, Cleveland                       85-DQ--DQ