2001 Class AAA State Golf Tournament
Montgomery Bell State Park
Burns, TN
October 16-17, 2001

Soddy Daisy's Ashley Harris Wins AAA State Golf Tournament By One Stroke;
Brentwood Wins State Championship by One Stroke

BURNS - - -Soddy Daisy's Ashley Harris shot a 72 on the final day of competition to give her a two-day total of 146 to win the AAA state golf tournament by one stroke over Holly Cantwell of Morristown West. Harris, who finished fifth at last year's state tournament, entered the day with a two-stroke lead over Cantwell and four others. Her two-day total of 146 ties her for seventh best 36-hole individual medal score in a state tournament.

Cantwell, who finished one stroke ahead of Harris last year for fourth place, shot a 71 on the final day to give her a 147 for the tournament and a second place finish. Cantwell's score of 71 ties her for sixth best 18-hole individual medal score in a state tournament. Her two-day total led Morristown-West to a second place finish behind Brentwood. Morristown West finished runner-up last year as well.

Brentwood, who captured their second girls golf championship, the first coming in 1997, was led by Abby Goodrich, who shot a 151 (77-74) to finish fifth in individual competition. She combined with Brittany Beard, who finished with a 164 (88-76), and Mindy Seigenthaler who shot a 177 (86-91).

Rachel Smith of Karns finished just two strokes behind Ashley Harris with a score of 148 (76-72) for third place. Jillian Jones of Cumberland County, Megan French of Blackman, and Beth Underhill of Warren County all entered the final day tied with Smith and Cantwell, just two strokes behind Harris. Megan French of Blackman shot a 154 (76-78) for a fifth place finish.

Ross Cox of Farragut Shoots 138 To Win AAA State Tournament
Halkowitz and Adams Lead Science Hill To First Championship

BURNS - - -Ross Cox shot a 69 on both days at the AAA state golf tournament to win the individual championship by four strokes. His 36-hole individual total is tied for the fourth lowest in state tournament history. Oakland's Spencer Provow and Clarksville's John Brannen each shot a 142 (73-69) to finish tied for second.

Chris Halkowitz and Derek Adams led Science Hill to the state title by each shooting a 143 to finish tied for fourth in individual competition. Science Hill, last year's runner-up, finished with a 36-hole team score of 586, the third lowest in Cody Hale of Tullahoma also finished with a 143 (75-68) to finish tied for fourth with Halkowitz and Adams.

Clarksville was led by John and James Brannen to finish with a team score of 591, fifth best 36-hole team total in state tournament history.

Oakland, who had a five stroke lead heading into the final day, finished in third place with a team total of 593. Adam Wilcox, who led all individuals the first day with a 68, finished tied for 13th place after shooting an 80 on the final day to give him a 36-hole total of 148.

Tyler Neff of Bearden added some excitement to the state tournament when he sank a hole-in-one on Hole #14, a 128-yard par three, with a pitching wedge. Neff finished the tournament tied for 32nd place with a 156 (84-72).

Boys Results

Team Scores

Science Hill 586, Clarksville 591, Oakland 593, Farragut 594, Soddy Daisy 639, Centennial 647, Hardin County 647, Collierville 648.

Individual Scores

Ross Cox, Farragut 69-69--138
Spencer Provow, Oakland 73-69--142
John Brannen, Clarksville 73-69--142
Chris Halkowitz, Science Hill 72-71--143
Derek Adams, Science Hill 73-70--143
Cody Hale, Tullahoma 75-68--143
James Brannen, Clarksville 72-72--144
Phillip Pettit, Oakland 73-71--144
Nick Bailes, Cleveland 72-74--146
Trey McNeil, Dyersburg 76-70--146
Bud Reynolds, Knoxville West 71-76--147
Brad Barnes, Farragut 77-70--147
Adam Wilcox, Oakland 68-80--148
Joel Mallard, Gallatin 78-70--148
Stuart Oakes, Knoxville West 78-70--148
Jonathan Hodge, Jefferson County 73-76--149
Scott Ploucha, Daniel Boone 74-75--149
Brad Robinson, Science Hill 76-74--150
Luke Ladd, Farragut 78-72--150
Ryne Fisher, Clarksville 74-77--151
Tripp Harris, Soddy Daisy 74-77--151
Brandon Cissom, Bradley 77-74--151
Paul Warren, Hendersonville 78-73--151
Grant Leaver, Hickman County 78-73--151
Richard Lowe, Science Hill 79-72--151
Ryan McDougal, Germantown 75-77--152
Jason Bell, Collierville 78-74--152
Jimmy Humston, Science Hill 78-75--153
Clint Borm, Collierville 76-78--154
Caleb Wimpee, Soddy Daisy 77-77--154
Seth Morford, Clarksville 78-76--154
Joe Long, Cumberland County 78-78--156
Matt Mattingly, Centennial 80-76--156
Drew White, Lawrence County 81-75--156
Lucas Tabor, Jefferson County 83-73--156
Tyler Neff, Bearden 84-72--156
Jason Personius, Mt. Juliet 76-81--157
Kevin Morrisey, Franklin 82-76--158
Michael Hogendobler, Centennial 88-70--158
Zack Primm, Oakland 78-81--159
Alan Reece, Clarksville 79-80--159
Jonathan Burns, Hardin County 82-77--159
Corey Lien, Farragut 83-76--159
Jeff Hall, Franklin 80-80--160
John Sinn, Germantown 81-79--160
Justin Carter, Red Bank 83-77--160
Matt Durand, Bartlett 79-82--161
Jay Gilkey, Jackson North Side 82-79--161
Justin Browder, Hardin County 81-81--162
John Maupin, Centennial 81-82--163
Trent McNabb, Tullahoma 83-80--163
Matt Mullins, Hardin County 84-79--163
Paul Swift, Oakland 82-82--164
Houston Smith, Rossview 81-84--165
Josh Kraus, Dyersburg 84-81--165
Trey Baker, Soddy Daisy 87-78--165
Derek Pinkstaff, Hardin County 81-87--168
Brice Schweitzer, Farragut 85-83--168
Martin Wahlestedt, Cookeville 89-79--168
Brandon Crowe, Soddy Daisy 87-82--169
Ed Yu, Centennial 84-86--170
Joel Turner, Hardin County 88-82--170
Taylor Seale, Collierville 89-82--171
Nick Campbell, Collierville 85-87--172
Chris Nelms, Houston 87-85--172
Dustin Shepherd, Maryville 89-83--172
Austin Stanley, Soddy Daisy 91-82--173
Matt Coles, Centennial 88-86--174
Will Hayes, Houston 89-86--175
Daniel Andersson, Antioch 90-85--175

Girls Results

Team Scores

Brentwood 313, Morristown West 314, Bearden 317, Soddy Daisy 323, Blackman 323, Rossview 352, Houston 379, Bolton 385.

Individual Scores

Ashley Harris, Soddy Daisy 74-72--146
Holly Cantwell, Morristown West 76-71--147
Rachel Smith, Karns 76-72--148
Abby Goodrich, Brentwood 77-74--151
Megan French, Blackman 76-78--154
Cindy Phillips, Science Hill 77-78--155
Mallory Bishop, Bearden 79-77--156
Elizabeth Chapman, Lincoln County 79-77--156
Jillian Jones, Cumberland County 76-81--157
Shelly Green, Clarksville 78-81--159
Beth Underhill, Warren County 76-85--161
Amy Bass, Bearden 84-77--161
Polly Reddick, Dobyns Bennett 82-80--162
Brittney Beard, Brentwood 88-76--164
Taylor Cooper, Rossview 85-81--166
Brooke Goodman, McGavock 85-81--166
Jennifer Bell, South Doyle 80-87--167
Leigh Wilkins, Oakland 84-83--167
Vanessa Breeding, Morristown West 86-81--167
Holly Tritschler, Coffee County 87-81--168
Tina Stephens, Beech 83-85--168
Lorie Warren, Hendersonville 85-84--169
Jennifer Miles, Blackman 87-82--169
Maggie Cunningham, Knoxville West 90-80--170
Katie Jo Sinard, Jefferson County 87-87--174
Amanda Bowen, Munford 90-85--175
Melanie Adams, Bolton 92-83--175
Toni Lomax, Germantown 90-85--175
Melissa Rosloniec, Houston 90-87--177
Lisa Frederick, Germantown 94-83--177
Ashley Spangler, Soddy Daisy 92-85--177
Mindy Seigenthaler, Brentwood 86-91--177
Ty Green, McMinn County 97-81--178
Christine Han, Centennial 92-88--180
Rachele Whorley, Farragut 91-91--182
Camille Reilly, Collierville 91-93--184
Maggie Hutchins, Hickman County 94-90--184
Laura Turner, Rossview 95-91--186
Shelia Ray, McMinn County 94-93--187
Brooke Barker, Cherokee 100-91--191
Jody Stokes, Dickson County 92-99--191
Mandy Stone, Bradley 98-94--192
Whitney Danehy, Morristown West 95-99--194
Jessie Maier, Bearden 96-99--195
Nicki Price, Soddy Daisy 105-96--201
Lauren Nelms, Houston 103-99--202
Courtney Waggoner, Hardin County 102-105--207
Sara Babb, Bolton 104-109--213
Kasey Smith, Hardin County 101-113--214
Leslie Barton, Germantown 111-105--216
Emily Leeth, Dyersburg 106-112--218
Katie Krauss, Bolton 121-106--227
Lauren Flanders, Blackman 122-125--247
Tamara Teeter, Rossview 125-123--248
Brittany Austin, Houston 130-141--271