District & Region Bowling Tournament Guidelines

This information is in regard to reporting individual scores, district and region tournament information, and district and region tournament results.

Please remember in regards to the Division I Individual State Tournament, the top two males and top two females from each district (or region if the region is not split in to districts) and the top 20 averages of competitors who did not automatically qualify from the combined districts/regions will qualify for the state tournament. In the Division II Individual State Tournament, the East Region and West Region will send 6 males and 6 females to the state tournament and the Middle Region will send 12 males and 12 females to the state tournament.

The top averages in the district/region will qualify having bowled a minimum of 2/3 of the games available.

Averages are compiled from ALL regular season matches.  This is any match that is bowled prior to district/region tournaments.  If a school has chosen to schedule matches out of district/region, which many schools do, those are regular season matches.  Those scores count towards the qualifying averages.

If a school has 15 regular season matches scheduled, that means there are 45 available games. In order for an individual’s average to qualify, the must have bowled in 30 of those 45 games, which is two-thirds.

Please remember that the top two individuals, boys and girls, from your district or region that qualify for the individual state tournament and the next 15 best averages, boys and girls, from your district or region must be submitted no later than Wednesday, January 3, 2018.

Please remember to have someone from your district/region send in the dates and sites of your district/region tournaments to our office by e-mailing Matthew Gillespie and please carbon copy Shonnie Speicher. Please do not fax the information in. Also needed is who/where to send the plaques to for districts and regions as well. If you have already had your district tournaments, please send in those results, as we will post that information on the TSSAA website.